Welcome Letter


At Friends School Haverford, we believe in the power of small. 

From nursery school through 8th grade, our teachers know that what unites small children, young teenagers, and elementary-aged kids in between is the desire to be seen, heard, and known deeply. All of our students think about big, important questions about themselves, their peers, and the wider world. Our preschoolers march for peace, our elementary students learn the importance of voting, and our middle school students speak on behalf of causes they believe in, from environmental legislation to criminal justice reform. The beating heart of a Friends School Haverford education lies in relationships and connections with others: a trusted teacher, a group of caring classmates, and a community passionate about learning and discovery. 

Infused with Quaker values, our educational program nurtures each child’s voice, ignites their curiosity, and helps them discover who they are. Our small size and the connections we forge with each child have allowed us to pivot to meet this particular moment in education while remaining true to our mission. Whether we are learning in-person and on-campus or we need to move to distance learning for the health and safety of our community, our small, nurturing, joyful classes remain the same, as does our belief that education happens through play, peaceful problem solving, listening, wrestling with important questions, and advocating for others. 

If you haven’t had the chance to see our teachers and students at work, it may be hard to believe that the daily school experience can include such profound lessons. At Friends School Haverford, we magnify the power of small moments and seemingly simple skills and in doing so, we teach children they have what it takes to make a big difference. In every classroom, I see children of all ages leaning into their curiosity, building their confidence, and discovering what matters most to them. I hope you will join us so you, too, can see that Friends School Haverford is small and mighty. 

Liza Ewen

Acting Head of School

Liza Ewen-Acting Head of School