Welcome Letter


At Friends School Haverford, we teach our students that they have a voice and they can use their voice for good. 

In their annual March for Peace in honor of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., our youngest students learn that their little voices can carry powerful messages about truth and fairness. In their study of poetry, our first and second graders learn to approach writing as a search for words that are true and meaningful for them.

During their weekly visits with “partner classes,” our older students use their voices to cultivate community and spread kindness by reading a book or singing along with their pre-school partner. They also learn to speak up for change and to take action as they lobby for criminal justice reform and teach younger classes about social justice topics such as child labor, the Black Lives Matter movement, poverty, and gender inequality.

Our teachers will tell you that every child holds within them the sparks of curiosity and creativity and that every day holds enormous potential for learning. Whether they’re putting on rain boots to explore mud puddles alongside their students or they’re encouraging their students to turn stumbling blocks into stepping stones towards greater understanding, our teachers see and seize every opportunity for learning and growth.

For 134 years, Friends School Haverford has offered an intellectually-rich academic program on its beautiful campus, guided by Quaker philosophy and the tenets of progressive, constructivist education. With these enduring and essential values, Friends School Haverford works to nurture the voice within each of our students and empowers them to speak their truth.   

I encourage you to explore our website and, better yet, to visit our campus, where you’ll discover children of all ages engaged in exploring, learning, playing, creating, thinking critically, and speaking confidently for themselves and for their beliefs.   

Liza Ewen

Acting Head of School


– Liza Ewen  |  Acting Head of School
Liza Ewen-Acting Head of School