Head of School Search

Dear Friends,
I hope that you had a wonderful Thanksgiving. I wanted to provide an update on the Head of School search. Before I dive into details, however, I must thank Liza Ewen, a person of unmatched integrity and love for this community, for her dedication to our school at this enormously challenging time. I also want to thank every member of our committee for participating in this really important effort.  Thanks also to those of you across our community for collaborating with our consultants, Bob Vitallo and Burke Zalosh, to provide important feedback on your vision for the future of the school.  
Bob and Burke completed the Head of School position description and posted it on the Carney Sandoe. We will use this dedicated webpage to share updates throughout the search progress. 
Between now and mid-January, Bob and Burke will actively recruit candidates for Committee review, starting in late January. The Committee will then work to select finalists for interviews beginning in mid-February. The Committee’s goal remains to make a hiring recommendation to the School Committee in March 2021, in anticipation for the new Head of Friends School Haverford to start on or before July 1, 2021.
We will continue to keep you apprised of all significant developments. I want you to know that your tireless interest in and care for Friends School Haverford is the guidepost that motivates and inspires the Search Committee. On behalf of the Committee, we look forward to the process ahead and a bright future for Friends School Haverford.
With gratitude,
Beverly A. Keith, MSEd
Clerk of School Committee

View the Head of School Position Description