Meeting the Needs of All Learners

At Friends School Haverford, we are able to exploit the “power of small”.  Being a school with an excellent teacher to student ratio, we are nimble which allows us to responsively support every child.

  • Classroom instruction is highly differentiated and individualized to meet each student’s unique learning needs.  Students’ strengths are celebrated and challenges are supported.
  • Teachers are lifelong learners who both adopt and develop the best practices in education.
  • A rich, student-centered curriculum drives instruction. Having continuity and clarity both within and across grades and disciplines allows us to create meaningful learning experiences for our students.
  • Diversity and difference of all kinds are celebrated and embraced by the school community. We believe that growing up with friends who are different that you is of immense value. Approximately 15% of our student population has been identified with a learning difference of some kind.  
  • Learning and the community in which that learning takes place are inextricably entwined. We are a Quaker, Responsive Classroom school that employs the Zones of Regulation curriculum to create and sustain a school-wide culture of kindness.
  • Outdoor education and recess are important components of our curriculum.  We believe that children need regular opportunities to explore, run, climb, actively engage with their environment, and develop deep relationships with peers.
  • Both enrichment opportunities and remediation support are a part of our everyday practice. This perspective allows us to reach gifted learners as well as those needing re-teaching opportunities.
  • An in-house Learning Specialist and a Reading Specialist are part of the team for every child.
  • Push in (as opposed to pull out support) is typically utilized. This allows us to maintain a strong classroom community where every student feels valued.
  • A strong, well-established Student Support Coaching Model gives an even more deeper meaning to individualization. This service, provided at an additional cost, provides students with dedicated, 1:1 daily support from Student Support Coaches on staff.  
  • Communication and collaboration are essential to meet a child’s needs. Our ability to develop and maintain strong, trusting relationships between staff members and with families is central to who we are.