The Spanish program at Friends School Haverford begins with our youngest children and continues through eighth grade. The program is designed to teach the basic language skills necessary to communicate in Spanish, establish a strong foundation for further study, and to foster a love of the Spanish language. The curriculum highlights Spanish and Latin American countries, cultures, and peoples. Friends School Haverford students are taught to be bold and brave language learners, comfortable using their Spanish here and abroad.


Nursery School through Kindergarten


The Spanish teacher visits early childhood classrooms to integrate language lessons into the broader curriculum. Students practice basic language concepts such as colors, numbers, and family relationships through music, dance, and stories.


First through Fourth Grade


In these elementary school grades, Spanish class is a coordinate subject taught with an emphasis on building proficiency in the language. Instruction first focuses on listening and reading skills. As students grow in their proficiency, instruction expands to developing speaking and writing skills. Students enjoy participating in activities, games, songs, art, stories, and theater that are designed to build proficiency through engagement in Spanish language and cultures.


Fifth through Eighth Grade


In middle school, Spanish is a core curricular subject taught with an emphasis on building Spanish proficiency in reading, writing, speaking, and listening. The curriculum is based on novel studies that provide opportunities to explore and discuss life and culture in Spanish speaking countries while building proficiency in the language. By the end of the eighth grade, many students are ready to begin Spanish II upon entering high school.