Extended Day Programs

Early Birds:

Due to Covid-19 our Early Birds program will only be available to students arriving on busses for the 2020-21 school year. All other students are asked to arrive at their assigned drop off time.

Extended Day:

Our XD program will be limited to those who have preregistered for contracted days. Students will remain in their school family groups/pods during XD and will be required to follow all social distancing protocols, wearing of masks and hand hygiene. Please see our opening guide for more info.

Students can only attend XD on their pre-registered days. We will not operate a drop-in service for XD. Any students not picked up by the end of our regular pick up window will be charged $50. This includes XD families who drop in on days they are not scheduled. This fee must be paid within 5 school days.

If you have any questions please contact the Extended Day Programs Director: Mwazhuwa Kuretu @ mkuretu@friendshaverford.org

Thank you.