Let Grow Project

Dear FSH families,

    If you think back on your childhood, a couple of memories probably stand out. Maybe it was the first time you walked to school by yourself, or the first time a trusted adult let go of your bicycle and let you ride it on your own.  These milestones are times you got to grow because the adults in your life let go.

    This spring, we are hoping all FSH students and their families will participate in the Let Grow Project. This is a time to give your own children that same chance to show YOU how amazing they can be. The project is eye-opening and heart-filling. All it takes is for you to let your children do something new, on their own or with another child, but without you.

    When kids do something on their own for the first time, something big happens. They realize how deeply you believe in them. You realize how amazing they’re growing up. Worries get replaced by the pride and joy of seeing your kids spread their wings.

    It can be hard to let go, which is why the Let Grow Project provides this little push. And of course, you and your child will discuss together what their project will be. For the youngest kids, it could be something as simple as making a sandwich on their own. For kids in first grade and up, it should be something a little more independent and beyond the house. Maybe even something you did at their age.

    To determine what that Project will be, simply sit down with your children and look over the Let Grow Project ideas by grade below. Decide together on an independent activity you both feel they’re ready to do that they haven’t done yet. The point is to stretch the boundaries of childhood just a little bit, giving kids a chance to grow.

    Your child should complete the project by Wednesday, April 10. Students will share Let Grow moment with their partners on Thursday, April 11.

    We look forward to hearing about your child(ren)'s project.

    Good luck!


The GRITTY Committee at FSH