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Middle School STEM Project for Earth Day

Our inspiring Middle school engineers developed successful STEM projects for Earth Day, meeting Teacher Courtney’s challenge to create reusable bags from any kind of recyclable material. Students found imaginative solutions, transforming old t-shirts and clothing into multi-use bags. More importantly, they proved that no matter how daunting responsive climate action can seem, we can find solutions so long as we imagine them.
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Preschool bird nests

Last week, Teacher Julie's preschool class learned all about birds’ nests. Each student went outside to explore and discover real nests, and then were tasked with creating their own! Some used objects like sticks, dead flowers, and grass clippings. Together, the class read the book Make Way For Ducklings and discussed Mr. and Mrs. Mallard’s journey to find just the right place for their family nest. This led to a conversation about our own homes and why they are so special.
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Blowin' in the Wind

Teacher Kristin's preschool class has been searching for words beginning with the letter “W.” As they’ve also been learning about weather, wind was a perfect topic to study. Preschoolers and parents, we learned, feel wind when air in the atmosphere moves from a high to a low-pressure area. Throughout winter and spring, preschoolers have observed what blows in the wind. So why not make predictions about the wind’s effect on different objects? Preschool got to work! First, the class created a wind table with an electric fan. Then, each preschooler made a prediction about a specific object. Would the wind blow it away? If so, where would it go? Finally, they tested their predictions using the wind table, and most of the predictions were correct! Luckily, Clifford did not blow away; they are, however, still looking for a few feathers. Sounds like “F” might be the next word to study!
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Happy Earth Day from Kindergarten

To celebrate the 50th Anniversary of Earth day, Kindergarten has been learning about environmental activist Greta Thunberg. Our friends discovered how Greta galvanized global climate action and discussed why it's important for kids to care for the earth. Students were awed that such a young person used her voice to influence the world. Guess what? Small kids can do big things! Students wrote letters to Greta thanking her for her inspiring work and sharing how they will care for the earth. Happy Earth Day!
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Gr 1/2 History & Geography Lessons

Grade 1/2 is learning how to conduct social studies research. Please applaud our budding historians! Each student has chosen a remarkable woman to write about: Sojourner Truth, Malala Yousafzai, Sally Ride, and Queen Elizabeth II are just a few of the standout lives under study. Teacher Sandy has been guiding students through the process of finding sources, taking notes, and organizing their findings. Their final project? An acrostic poem on their chosen historical figure!

Later, the class moved from history to geography. Students honed their map skills by playing the game State Detective, where teams guessed a state selected by the computer. Teammates navigated their way to the correct answer, using north, south, east, and west to narrow down their guess: "Is the state north of Texas?" they’d ask; "is it west of Wyoming?" Their ability to pinpoint the state got faster each round.
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FSH in Full Bloom

Behold the fruits of our labor! FSH is in full bloom nowadays with beautiful daffodils and tulips--the result of our collaboration in the fall of 2018 with Small Acts, Big Impact. Working the earth together produced a joyful array of spring colors. Through this project and others, friendships at FSH blossomed from student pairs of mixed ages. These partnerships, a hallmark of the Friends Haverford experience, ensure that all students know and learn from each other. That’s just one reason our community is so special!
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Fan Appreciation Friday!

It's Fan Appreciation Friday! Show us how you represent your favorite sports team on our last day of Virtual Spirit Week. Remember to send pictures for your chance to win a stuffed animal of our mascot, the fox, or a Children's Book World gift card. Let's go FSH!
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Tr. Lisa and the Fox

Tr. Lisa and the Fox popped into preschool and pre-k Zoom sessions today to say "hi" and celebrate Friends School Haverford's 135th Birthday. The classes sang "Happy Birthday" together; students in Tr. Kristin's class asked lots of questions about what the Fox has been up to at Tr. Lisa's house.
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Happy 135th Birthday FSH!

Today's the day! Happy 135th birthday FSH! We celebrate 135 years today because, as the small Quaker school with an enormous heart that has faced enormous challenges throughout history, we remain true to the vision of its founders. Now more than ever, we know we must teach this generation of children to take care of ourselves, each other, and our world. Instead of washing your hands while singing "Happy Birthday" for 20 seconds today, make it 135!
Let's keep celebrating our school spirit! Remember to email pictures to or post a photo in comments for your chance to win a stuffed animal of our mascot, the fox, or a Children's Book World gift card. Today, show us your FSH spirit wear. Let's go FSH!
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