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Guided by Quaker principles since its founding in 1885, Friends School Haverford provides an intellectually rich program to an intentionally diverse school family. We promote academic scholarship, creativity, respect, integrity, and self-awareness with a commitment to creating a culture of stewardship and kindness. Friends School Haverford graduates are uniquely prepared to go forth with boldness of intellect and character.

Latest News

Library Grand Opening Featured Photo

Library Grand Opening

Today we celebrated the grand opening of our new library. Peter Evans from the Snave Foundation did the honors of cutting the ribbon. The Snave Foundation awarded Friends School Haverford a grant that made the library relocation and the new Makerspace (opening in September) possible. Local author and illustrator Matt Phelan joined us along with students from our Middle School, faculty, and parents. Matt Phelan joined students in Heritage House, grades 1-4, and middle school to share his experiences as an illustrator and author. Each session focused on the real behind-the-scenes process of how he creates his books - inspiration, research, writing, sketching, revisions, and final art. Students asked thoughtful and intelligent questions. Thank you to the Snave Foundation, Mr. Ken, Katy Ruckdeschel, Caryn Rivers, Charlene Grier, and Diane Rouine for making our new library possible.
Field of Dreams Featured Photo

Field of Dreams

To mark the end of the softball season, the team enjoyed an exciting game of wiffleball with alumni, faculty, and parents. There were many good hits, excellent fielding, and lots of fun had by all. Thank you to coaches Sandra & Rae on a wonderful season.
Philadelphia Metro Wildlife Center Featured Photo

Philadelphia Metro Wildlife Center

Jackie from the Philadelphia Metro Wildlife Center visited FSH for an all-school assembly. She brought a live snake, opossum, turkey vulture, and crow with her to educate the students about each animal. She answered many questions from the students. Did you know that crows are very intelligent and have been observed using basic tools? They also have great memories and can remember the face of a human. They can also hold a grudge.
Riverbend Environmental Education Center Field Trip Featured Photo

Riverbend Environmental Education Center Field Trip

Kindergarten visited Riverbend Environmental Education Center and took a class called "From Eggs to Legs". The group took a trail up to the pond, listening for birds and their babies in a nest along the way. Kate, our guide and an FSH parent who works at the center, taught us that we need to be quiet in the woods so we can hear all the animals. It is also important to protect the woods by staying on the path. Kindergartners learned about all the stages of the life cycle of a frog by observing them in their natural environment. At the end of our trip, students sang a song that tells how frogs change from eggs to legs!
Nahjee Grant Visit Featured Photo

Nahjee Grant Visit

Grades 3/4 Service Club welcomed a special visitor, Nahjee Grant today. Nahjee is a local children's book author, philanthropist, motivational speaker and TV host. The club has been working on how to spread kindness and make the world a better place. Students have been studying and reading Najee's books for inspiration. They were prepared with many questions in a roundtable discussion. They learned how small steps and acts of kindness can help make big changes. Ironically, Nahjee had on a spread kindness t-shirt today!
Spring Fair Featured Photo

Spring Fair

Families and kids of all ages enjoyed our 70th annual Spring Fair on Saturday. It was a beautiful day for fairgoers to delight in carnival games, crafts, delicious food, balloon artist creations, attic treasures, and a mini-golf course which was new this year. Thank you to all the volunteers and organizers who made this wonderful event and beloved tradition possible.
Softball Game Featured Photo

Softball Game

Our softball team had a special visit from our fox mascot yesterday and a 10-9 win against Barack Academy. After the game, the team celebrated and sang "happy birthday" to coach Sandra. Way to go Foxes!
Dream homes Featured Photo

Dream homes

Gr 3/4 economic simulation club was busy constructing their dream homes out of cardboard. Each club member chose a persona and career, then researched how much they would earn and figured out monthly household expenses using a balance sheet. Some students worked in teams and some by themselves while producing some creative houses and learning about the cost of living.
First Softball Game Featured Photo

First Softball Game

At Monday's game against Greene Street Friends, our Foxes played their hardest, harnessing our fielding skills as we successfully made plays! Our first inning was a shut out, with the first three GS players at bat being the first, second and third outs due to some great catches and teamwork! We highlighted our strengths as we batted, having an accumulated 13 runs, bringing our final score to 13-9. A great Fox victory was made even sweeter by the sportsmanship we showed to the other team. Come watch the team play Wednesday, May 8, at 3:45 pm at home against Barack Academy.
Mental Math with Tr. Michael Featured Photo

Mental Math with Tr. Michael

Grades 3/4 have been working with Tr. Michael to grow and master their mental math skills. Tr. Michael started using mental math challenges from Trapezium Math. Now the 3/4 students are writing their own “Follow Me” challenges.
Eighth Grade Trip (Days 3-4) Featured Photo

Eighth Grade Trip (Days 3-4)

Highlights of the remainder of the grade 8 trip included taking in the artwork at the American Visionary Art Museum, playing basketball at the Global Village retreat center, discussing real-world situations in Guatemala and Mozambique, walking by the set of America Ninja Warrior which filmed live in Baltimore this weekend, making our own fire to cook our own dinner during our stay at Thailand House, visiting Antietam National Battlefield, and dinner and dessert at Houlihan’s in Hershey. After taking a fire-making workshop and spending their budget at the simulated market, students hiked down to the Global Village to spend the night in Thailand. They were only allowed to bring a sleeping bag, a water bottle, a flashlight, and one luxury item. They also had to take care of a simulated infant (a water balloon) and cook two meals with what they purchased at the market. The eighth graders felt a significant sense of accomplishment for persevering through challenging circumstances--cold rain, paltry meals, no running water, and an uncomfortable wood floor for sleeping. They are excited to share our Global Village experience with everyone back home.
Kindness Day #MayTheFirst Featured Photo

Kindness Day #MayTheFirst

Today is the day, #MayTheFirst! Friends School Haverford spent the morning celebrating World Kindness Day! Friends started the day with a kindness chain at our outdoor pep rally where they squeezed each other’s hands to pass around kindness. Students, teachers, faculty, and parents travelled around the area to encourage the first thing that everyone should do is to be kind. At Haverford College, grade 3/4 friends helped beautify the campus by doing some gardening, while nursery school visited Brandywine Living. Others made a stop in Narberth, where preschool met the mayor of the borough, and Ardmore at Suburban Square placing signs in planters and passing out flower seeds to help kindness sprout and grow. Finally everyone returned to campus for a joy-filled performance by CityLove. Thank you CityLove for helping us celebrate our differences and showing us all that we can all be kind, beautiful, creative, and brave. Thank you to the entire Friends School Haverford community for spreading kindness today and everyday. Remember, #MayTheFirst thing you be is kind!
Kindness Day Assembly Featured Photo

Kindness Day Assembly

We kicked off Kindness Day with an all-school assembly this morning as we gear up to spread kindness out in the community tomorrow. We watched a short video showing the ripple effect of kindness, broke into groups to discuss our personal experiences of kindness, and then shared our thoughts with each other. Join us in doing random acts of kindness tomorrow and every day. Remember, you can be anything, but may the first thing you be is kind. #MayTheFirst
Eighth Grade Trip Featured Photo

Eighth Grade Trip

Grade 8 headed off to Maryland yesterday for their 8th-grade trip. They started in Baltimore and visited the National Aquarium and Ft. McHenry, walked around the city, and had a delicious dinner at an Italian restaurant. They are enjoying each others company and sharing stories of their time at FSH. We look forward to hearing about the rest of their adventures.
Earth Day Celebrations Featured Photo

Earth Day Celebrations

Middle and nursery school students accepted an invitation from Haverford College's arborist to join them in planting cherry trees on the college's campus. Haverford College planted a tree every day last week in celebration of Earth Day. The cherry trees will be the first to show signs of spring next year. We love when our students are able to partner with members of our community in meaningful ways. Back on campus, kindergarten learned about the importance of composting. Kindergarten will distribute buckets to other classes so everyone can all utilize the two compost bins on campus. They will also use a scale to measure and compare the weight of the waste from their classroom that goes to the landfill, the compost bin, and the recycling center.
Spring Celebration of the Arts Featured Photo

Spring Celebration of the Arts

Families came out for a wonderful evening at our annual Spring Arts Festival. Beautiful artwork in all mediums representing students from nursery school through grade 8 was displayed throughout the schoolhouse for everyone to view. Afterward, everyone gathered in the gym for the music program. Wonderful singing and songs played on the recorder and marimba entertained and captivated the audience. If you missed the event, check out the recording on our next "Watch it Wednesday" video.

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