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Guided by Quaker principles since its founding in 1885, Friends School Haverford provides an intellectually rich program to an intentionally diverse school family. We promote academic scholarship, creativity, respect, integrity, and self-awareness with a commitment to creating a culture of stewardship and kindness. Friends School Haverford graduates are uniquely prepared to go forth with boldness of intellect and character.

Latest News

Grade 8 Graduation Ceremony Featured Photo

Grade 8 Graduation Ceremony

The 8th-grade graduation was a beautiful ceremony with moving speeches from our graduates, school committee clerk, and song from grade 5/6. After receiving their certificates, we all enjoyed cake and celebrated with family, teachers, and friends. We wish our graduates all the best.
Sierpinski Triangle Featured Photo

Sierpinski Triangle

A Sierpinski Triangle is a fractal based on an equilateral triangle, made by dividing the triangle into four smaller triangles and removing the central triangle and then repeating for each of the three remaining triangles. If you repeat this process forever, you get a fractal. 7th and 8th graders created a 3D version of the Sierpinski triangle called a tetrahedron. Check it out!
Heritage House Water Play Featured Photo

Heritage House Water Play

Heritage House students enjoyed water play together as part of their end of year celebrations. They had a bike wash station, water tables, and were sprayed under the hose.
Calvin and Hobbes Featured Photo

Calvin and Hobbes

Meet Calvin and Hobbes—two Russian Tortoises who live in Teacher Tippi’s room. A few weeks ago, the students in Service Club learned how important it is that the tortoises spend time outside. As an act of kindness to our animal friends, the group took Calvin and Hobbes outside on the first really warm Spring day. The tortoises had such a great time exploring that it was decided that their outings need to be a regular event! While out at recess, curious students from preschool through 8th grade gathered together to spend time with Calvin and Hobbes and ask many amazing questions about their diet, bodies, habitat, and behaviors. Everyone had a great time enjoying this outing—especially the tortoises!
Kindergarten Art Show Featured Photo

Kindergarten Art Show

The Kindergarten class enjoyed art so much that they explored the impressionists as their end of the year study. Students learned about Monet, Degas, Renoir, Van Gogh, and Mary Cassatt. They discovered that the artists enjoyed painting outside as they walked to the pond at Haverford College to see how it feels to create pictures on a beautiful sunny day. This study connected their love of nature that they have been immersed in throughout the year. It also helped in understanding that master painters spent their lives doing what they loved, no matter what other people said about their work at the time. Kindergarten created their own outdoor art museum and invited their families to enjoy their artwork displayed outside and an end of year party.
Grades 1/2 field day Featured Photo

Grades 1/2 field day

Grades 1/2 had their mini field day today. They participated in some spirited races – relay race, bucket filling race, tennis ball on a spoon race, dress-up race, and a potato sack race followed by a water balloon toss. Everyone demonstrated good teamwork and effort and was rewarded with a popsicle treat to top off the day.
Nursery School Letter Search Featured Photo

Nursery School Letter Search

Nursery school went on a search looking for hidden letters on the playground. They have been learning about letters and letter recognition. They excitedly found all the letters and the appropriate words by the slide, swing, trees, drain and by the rock.
Lemonade Stand Featured Photo

Lemonade Stand

Our kindergarten class and grade 5/6 partners worked beautifully together to organize a lemonade stand to raise money for Red Nose Day. Red Nose Day’s mission is to end childhood poverty in America and around the world. Students made posters, greeted customers with a smile, poured the lemonade, collected the money, and tallied the amount of lemonade sold. The lemonade was really delicious too!
Family Picnic Featured Photo

Family Picnic

It was an enjoyable night for our annual family picnic and end of the year celebration despite the pouring rain. Families, friends, and new families who will be joining us in the fall came out for an evening filled with delicious food, fun, and the mellifluous tones of the Marimba played by our 5/6 students.
Field Day Featured Photo

Field Day

It was a beautiful day for our annual Field Day competition for grades 3-8. Teams red, white, and blue gathered at the Haverford College track and competed in the quarter mile, broad jump, potato sack races, frisbee throw, softball toss, and relay races. Congratulations to the red team for the win this year!
Library Grand Opening Featured Photo

Library Grand Opening

Today we celebrated the grand opening of our new library. Peter Evans from the Snave Foundation did the honors of cutting the ribbon. The Snave Foundation awarded Friends School Haverford a grant that made the library relocation and the new Makerspace (opening in September) possible. Local author and illustrator Matt Phelan joined us along with students from our Middle School, faculty, and parents. Matt Phelan joined students in Heritage House, grades 1-4, and middle school to share his experiences as an illustrator and author. Each session focused on the real behind-the-scenes process of how he creates his books - inspiration, research, writing, sketching, revisions, and final art. Students asked thoughtful and intelligent questions. Thank you to the Snave Foundation, Mr. Ken, Katy Ruckdeschel, Caryn Rivers, Charlene Grier, and Diane Rouine for making our new library possible.
Field of Dreams Featured Photo

Field of Dreams

To mark the end of the softball season, the team enjoyed an exciting game of wiffleball with alumni, faculty, and parents. There were many good hits, excellent fielding, and lots of fun had by all. Thank you to coaches Sandra & Rae on a wonderful season.
Philadelphia Metro Wildlife Center Featured Photo

Philadelphia Metro Wildlife Center

Jackie from the Philadelphia Metro Wildlife Center visited FSH for an all-school assembly. She brought a live snake, opossum, turkey vulture, and crow with her to educate the students about each animal. She answered many questions from the students. Did you know that crows are very intelligent and have been observed using basic tools? They also have great memories and can remember the face of a human. They can also hold a grudge.
Riverbend Environmental Education Center Field Trip Featured Photo

Riverbend Environmental Education Center Field Trip

Kindergarten visited Riverbend Environmental Education Center and took a class called "From Eggs to Legs". The group took a trail up to the pond, listening for birds and their babies in a nest along the way. Kate, our guide and an FSH parent who works at the center, taught us that we need to be quiet in the woods so we can hear all the animals. It is also important to protect the woods by staying on the path. Kindergartners learned about all the stages of the life cycle of a frog by observing them in their natural environment. At the end of our trip, students sang a song that tells how frogs change from eggs to legs!
Nahjee Grant Visit Featured Photo

Nahjee Grant Visit

Grades 3/4 Service Club welcomed a special visitor, Nahjee Grant today. Nahjee is a local children's book author, philanthropist, motivational speaker and TV host. The club has been working on how to spread kindness and make the world a better place. Students have been studying and reading Najee's books for inspiration. They were prepared with many questions in a roundtable discussion. They learned how small steps and acts of kindness can help make big changes. Ironically, Nahjee had on a spread kindness t-shirt today!
Spring Fair Featured Photo

Spring Fair

Families and kids of all ages enjoyed our 70th annual Spring Fair on Saturday. It was a beautiful day for fairgoers to delight in carnival games, crafts, delicious food, balloon artist creations, attic treasures, and a mini-golf course which was new this year. Thank you to all the volunteers and organizers who made this wonderful event and beloved tradition possible.
Softball Game Featured Photo

Softball Game

Our softball team had a special visit from our fox mascot yesterday and a 10-9 win against Barack Academy. After the game, the team celebrated and sang "happy birthday" to coach Sandra. Way to go Foxes!

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