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Guided by Quaker principles since its founding in 1885, Friends School Haverford provides an intellectually rich program to an intentionally diverse school family. We promote academic scholarship, creativity, respect, integrity, and self-awareness with a commitment to creating a culture of stewardship and kindness. Friends School Haverford graduates are uniquely prepared to go forth with boldness of intellect and character.

Latest News

Kindergarten Exploring Measurements Featured Photo

Kindergarten Exploring Measurements

Kindergarten has started to explore measurement! They discussed what measurement means and how we use measurement in everyday life. Students worked in small groups to measure the length of objects around their classroom using nonstandard units of measurement such as paperclips, unifix cubes, and counting links. They even got to measure each other!
Grade 7/8 Constitution Center Trip Featured Photo

Grade 7/8 Constitution Center Trip

7th and 8th graders toured the Constitution Center to support their study of the Bill of Rights. The interactive exhibits include ruling on Supreme Court cases, voting, and taking the Presidential Oath of Office. The highlight of the trip was seeing Freedom Rising, a multimedia theatrical production that traces the American quest for freedom.
Grade 1/2 Literacy Workshop Featured Photo

Grade 1/2 Literacy Workshop

Today Grade 1/2 students rotated through different literacy stations to practice long and short vowel sounds, independent reading, peer reading, and writing. Reinforcing these skills each day helps build independence, stamina, and confidence.
Preschool Diwali Celebration Featured Photo

Preschool Diwali Celebration

The parents of one of our preschool students joined Tr. Kristin's class for a Diwali celebration. Diwali is India's most important holiday of the year. The parents brought in books to read to the class, Diyas (ceremonial lamps) to decorate, and traditional clothing to share as a way to teach about the Hindu festival of lights.
All-school assembly Featured Photo

All-school assembly

Continuing with the theme of voice, today's all-school assembly focused on using your voice to vote. Tr. Liza told us to listen to our inner voice to guide us to do what is kind, right, and just. Middle school students walked us through the voting process, the 5 Ws of voting, and how using our voice to vote is a way to express what is important to each of us. Then they helped the entire school register to vote and cast a ballot to decide on next week's partner activity - art project or a sing-a-long. We look forward to hearing the results.
Halloween Parade Featured Photo

Halloween Parade

Parents and families gathered for coffee and donuts in the Meetinghouse then enjoyed our traditional Halloween parade in the gym. Each grade had a chance to show off their imaginative and creative costumes starting with nursery school and continuing through grade 8. Students paraded around the gym waving to all those gathered. Ending in Friends School Haverford tradition, students and faculty performed a dance to the song “Thriller” led by Tr. Ed. Have a safe and happy Halloween!
Halloween trick-or-treating practice Featured Photo

Halloween trick-or-treating practice

Nursery school, preschool, and pre-kindergarten students practiced trick-or-treating, an annual tradition at FSH. Each class traveled to five trick-or-treating locations which they had to figure out from a riddle. Candy and small toys were given out at the main office, gaga pit, Heritage House porch, front of the Schoolhouse and the Meetinghouse porch. Our Fox mascot made a special appearance, handed out candy, and posed for photos. Students practiced good manners and thanked everyone for their treats.
Soccer Game vs Greene Street Friends Featured Photo

Soccer Game vs Greene Street Friends

Our fox mascot made a special appearance at the FSH soccer game and cheered on the team. It was a tough loss of 7-3 vs Greene Street Friends, but they put in a lot of effort and good teamwork. Come cheer on the team at their next home game on Wednesday, October 23 vs Stratford Friends.
Heritage House Baking Featured Photo

Heritage House Baking

A wonderful aroma was emanating from Heritage House yesterday morning. Nursery through pre-kindergarten students joined with their middle school partners for a fall baking activity. Partners helped each other make blueberry muffins in nursery, pumpkin muffins in preschool and apple turnovers in pre-kindergarten.
Pumpkin Day Featured Photo

Pumpkin Day

It was a beautiful fall day this past Saturday for our annual Pumpkin Day. Pumpkins were decorated, scarecrows stuffed, fun games played, and delicious baked goods were eaten. Thank you to Vicky Ryan for organizing Pumpkin Day and to Karen Bleznak and all the volunteers who worked a shift, donated items, and brought in baked goods. Everyone's participation made this event enjoyable for all.
Grades 7/8 Science Featured Photo

Grades 7/8 Science

After testing and analyzing the drinking water on campus, the seventh and eighth-grade science class walked over to Haverford College to test and analyze a local water source. At the site, students tested water samples for salinity, turbidity, temperature, dissolved oxygen, and pH levels. Upon returning to campus, students compared results from the local water source with our own water on campus. We were excited to see that both locations registered indicator levels within healthy zones!
Pre-kindergarten Sound Sharing Featured Photo

Pre-kindergarten Sound Sharing

Pre-kindergarten participates in a weekly sound sharing activity to learn the letter sounds. This week's featured letter was "T". Five students found an item of their choice that begins "T", put it in a brown paper bag, had their adult write out their three clues on the bag, and then had their classmates try and guess their item. Items this week included Thomas the Train, a turtle, a tiger, and a tire.
Grades 7/8 Science Class Featured Photo

Grades 7/8 Science Class

Grades 7/8 is learning about clean water and water filtration systems in science class. They experimented and made their own water system to filter debris such as dirt, plastic, and leaves using coffee filters. They made predictions on how dirty or clean the water would be after the filtration.
Middle School Art Electives Featured Photo

Middle School Art Electives

Middle school art electives allow students to deep dive into a specific style, technique, medium or material in art. One of Tr. Amy's art elective classes is learning about printmaking. Students learned the basic process and vocabulary by making foam prints. Once they have this process down, they will learn how to make a reduction, monotype, and collagraph print which will involve more complicated cutting and play with color, style, and texture.
Scavenger Hunt Featured Photo

Scavenger Hunt

Kindergarten students took on a leadership role and invited Pre-kindergarten friends to join them in a scavenger hunt they created on campus this morning. K and Pre-K students paired up and worked together to find natural objects. Some items on the list were easy to find while others, such as a chestnut or pine cone, were harder because they can only be found on specific areas of the playground. Leadership opportunities give students a voice, build relationships and help develop organizational and communication skills.
Kilimandjaro Restaurant Featured Photo

Kilimandjaro Restaurant

5th and 6th graders are exploring the role food plays in culture. As part of their study of West Africa, students were treated to lunch at Kilimandjaro, a West African restaurant in Philadelphia. Among the food students were able to sample were fried plantains, chicken and fish with African spices, and hibiscus juice. Yum!
Recent Graduates Visit Featured Photo

Recent Graduates Visit

A few of our recent graduates called and arranged to visit FSH on their day off from school. They visited their former partners in pre-kindergarten and enjoyed doing some yoga with the class. They were so excited to reconnect and still share a special bond with each other that grew out of our wonderful partners program.
Grade 3/4 science class Featured Photo

Grade 3/4 science class

Grades 3/4 are learning about the tools of scientists. They used hand lenses to look closer at found objects such as a feather, cicada shell, acorn, and pine cone in science class. Students used their observational skills to record the color, texture, shape, and smell.

Climate Strike & International Day of Peace

FSH gathered on the turf field Friday at noon to mark the International Day of Peace with a moment of silence. The International Day of Peace, first celebrated in 1982, is meant to be a day to focus on ending conflict and promoting peace. Students were reminded that people all over the globe would be sharing a moment of silence on the actual International Day of Peace which was on Saturday, September 21st. Middle schoolers had the opportunity to take part in two actions that they planned on Friday. These actions were part of the Global Climate Strike inspired by the work of sixteen-year-old climate activist Greta Thunberg. In the morning, students were invited to join with Haverford College to hear speakers and learn songs and chants. Then Friday afternoon, middle schoolers walked to Lancaster Avenue as a group with the signs that they had made to show their support for the Global Climate Strike. Middle schoolers were pleased with all the supportive beeps, waves, and thumbs-ups they received from people passing by.

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