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Guided by Quaker principles since its founding in 1885, Friends School Haverford provides an intellectually rich program to an intentionally diverse school family. We promote academic scholarship, creativity, respect, integrity, and self-awareness with a commitment to creating a culture of stewardship and kindness. Friends School Haverford graduates are uniquely prepared to go forth with boldness of intellect and character.

Latest News

KIndness Day! Featured Photo

KIndness Day!

It only takes small acts of kindness to make a big difference! Our FSH teachers delivered baskets of treats and cards made by our students to our local community members for Kindness Day. The men and women who serve us daily from Haverford EMTs, Oakmont Fire Department, Haverford Post Office, Bryn Mawr Acme, Ardmore CVS Drug Store, Children's Book World, and CHOP Haverford were delighted to receive such kind and thoughtful gifts. FSH is a true culture of kindness.
Happy Teacher Appreciation Day! Featured Photo

Happy Teacher Appreciation Day!

Happy Teacher Appreciation Day to all our amazing teachers at FSH. We appreciate your dedication, hard work, and all you do, especially this past year. A huge thank you from the bottom of our hearts from the staff, parents, and especially our students.
Today is the day! Featured Photo

Today is the day!

Today is the day! It's Friends School Haverford's Kindness Day and Day of Giving. Students will show kindness and gratitude to the essential workers in our community. You can support the work that FSH teachers do every day. Join us by making a donation to Friends School Haverford. Your gift will allow us to continue to build a better world, together. Copy link to donate:
Kindness Day and Day of Giving is tomorrow! Featured Photo

Kindness Day and Day of Giving is tomorrow!

Friends School Haverford's Kindness Day and Day of Giving is tomorrow! We are excited to bring Kindness Day back this year. On Friday, April 30 students will show kindness to essential workers in our community who have worked steadily throughout the pandemic by writing notes and cards that teachers will deliver. For our Day of Giving, Friends School Haverford needs your support. Your gift ensures the continuation of our mission: to create a diverse school community and nurture a culture of kindness and stewardship that values empathy, integrity, scholarship, creativity, and critical thinking. If you believe in the work that Friends School Haverford does each day to help students become what is needed most in today’s world, please give. Your gift will allow us to continue to build a better world, together. Copy link to donate:
Grade 1/2 Cooperative Play Featured Photo

Grade 1/2 Cooperative Play

Grades 1/2 worked together in teams to create obstacle courses for PE class's cooperative play. They practiced coordination, jumping, hopping, and balancing. Some courses included hula hooping and hopscotch. Each group worked together and got to try out each other's courses. Tr. Sharon overheard the kids saying how much fun they had creating this activity!
Announcing our new head of school, Andrea Myers! Featured Photo

Announcing our new head of school, Andrea Myers!

Dear Friends, With great joy and gratitude, I write to you today to announce the appointment of Andrea Myers as Friends School Haverford’s next Head of School, effective July 1, 2021. After a comprehensive and thorough process, the Search Committee recommended Andrea to the School Committee by consensus and with great enthusiasm. The depth of Andrea’s experience, especially as a successful Director of Admissions and Financial Aid at The Miquon School in Conshohocken, and her warm and engaging style are an excellent fit for our school community.
Grade 3/4 STEAM Featured Photo

Grade 3/4 STEAM

3/4 science students have been developing independent S.T.E.A.M. projects. First, they brainstormed ideas, then sketched designs, and finally collected materials. Each project starts with a simple question. Can you make a pair of shoes with natural materials like sticks, rocks, or pine needles? Two students certainly did. How about a dress? Yep. Two students right now are designing and creating nature-themed clothing out of natural or natural-looking materials! Other students have made boats, sculptures, and organizers out of materials like cereal boxes, milk cartons, toilet paper rolls, pop cycle sticks, and wallpaper. Way to go!
Earth Day Celebrations Featured Photo

Earth Day Celebrations

Earth Day was buzzing with activity! NS witnessed butterflies hatch and discussed the roles butterflies, bees, and insects play in pollination; PK students picked up trash outside and studied water cycles inside; Kindergarten learned about activist Greta Thunberg and wrote her letters; Grades 1/2 invented Earth Day Superheroes and thought about how they will save the planet. The takeaway? Doing small things for the Earth can make a big difference!  #SmallANDMighty
Happy Earth Day! Featured Photo

Happy Earth Day!

Earth Day was created on this day in 1970 to create public awareness of the world's environmental issues. Practice being good stewards to the Earth on this special day. Happy Earth Day, everyone!
Mr. Fox collecting donations Featured Photo

Mr. Fox collecting donations

Mr. Fox was busy collecting contributions for Kindness Day at morning drop-off. He delighted friends and posed for pictures. So far, he's collected over $1,000! You may also donate to our Kindness Day project anytime before April 23, placing your monetary contribution in an envelope marked "Kindness Day." Thank you for your support!
Announcing a Partnership with Wolf PAC! Featured Photo

Announcing a Partnership with Wolf PAC!

Friends School Haverford is excited to announce a partnership with Wolf Performing Arts Center. Wolf PAC will offer summer theatre camp for grades K-12 on our campus. Camps will run from June 21 through August 27. Campers spend their day in rehearsals for the end-of session show, theatre class and ensemble-building activities. Performances will be filmed for family and friends. Go to to learn more. We hope to see you this summer.
Sandbox open! Featured Photo

Sandbox open!

To the delight of nursery and preschool students, the sandbox has reopened! Students are developing their motor skills, forming different shapes from molds in the sandbox. Tools and toys sift the sand or dig it up. Buckets fill with "concrete" for trucks and diggers with water from the puddles formed by the weekend rain! Students made a big splash jumping in the deep puddles and pointed out the beautiful daffodils, hyacinths, and tulips starting to sprout. Our 2018 "Small Acts, Big Impacts" project, which planted new daffodil bulbs in the flowerbeds, made a gorgeous difference, as you can see!
PE Class Featured Photo

PE Class

Pre-K showed off their balance beam skills while grades 3/4 did some strength training exercises before spring break in PE class. The beam helps with balance, concentration, and focus. 3/4 strengthened their leg and lower body muscles rolling around the gym on scooters. Students also practiced core workout exercises on the mat.
Spring has sprung! Featured Photo

Spring has sprung!

Spring is in the air! For a Zen moment, nursery and preschool friends were asked to close their eyes and “hear” spring! What are some of the sounds you hear? Do you hear birds chirping? How about the wind? After a few moments of concentration, students explored the playground, collected rocks and flowers, and dropped them in a glass of water. Why? The class was investigating what “spring signs” float and sink when placed in a glass bowl. Students noticed that some things sink quickly, like pebbles, while others, like dirt, sink slowly. Daffodils, blades of grass, and leaves floated calmly and colorfully on top of the water! A delicious "spring soup" was created to bring something beautiful inside the classroom to remind us of the beauty outside!
Wax Museum Featured Photo

Wax Museum

Grades 3/4 have been learning about an amazing assembly of inventors and scientists. Each student chose one they would eventually portray for a performance in a mock Wax Museum. After research from a variety of websites, students compiled a first-person PowerPoint presentation, all in character! Elon Musk, Temple Grandin, and Lonnie Johnson were just a few of the students' subjects. In costume, students relayed a short story about their subject. Everyone did a wonderful job and learned something from their classmates.

Friends School Haverford is pleased to share that it will return to its roots as a Nursery-Grade 5 school, beginning with the 2021-22 school year.

By embracing our historic identity as a Quaker elementary school (Nursery-Grade 5) Friends School Haverford will continue to offer a nurturing environment infused with energy, enthusiasm, and joy, where children of all ages learn through play and hands-on discovery. Our early childhood and elementary programs have long attracted families who want an educational program focused on the whole child, committed to outdoor exploration, and driven by Quaker values. Embedded in the mission of our Quaker school is the belief that each child deserves to be seen, heard, and deeply known. Our teachers create a place for students to be accepted for who they are, make mistakes without judgment, and develop self-confidence.
Grade 7/8 English Featured Photo

Grade 7/8 English

Grades 7/8 English are dwelling in possibility with the poetry of Emily Dickinson. After a group reading of "I Dwell in Possibility," students cut out the poem's words, scrambled them up, and arranged them in order. On the following day, they created their own poems, rearranging Dickinson's words to make fabulous new meanings.
Model community Featured Photo

Model community

Let the construction begin! Grade 1/2 is building a model community using boxes and construction paper. Each community member will write about two roles (like a hospital worker, business owner, or construction worker), create a model person, and construct a relevant model building. Now, students are thoughtfully organizing the different buildings; they recently decided to put the lawmaker’s building near the court. They'll add businesses to the community and think about how business owners and workers make a difference in their hometown. It takes a village!
Grade 7/8 Humanities Featured Photo

Grade 7/8 Humanities

Grade 7/8 took their Humanities class outdoors for a reading of "A Raisin in the Sun". The play was first performed on Broadway in 1959. Students are discussing how the themes of the play, like racial discrimination, are relevant today.
Grade 1/2 pen pals Featured Photo

Grade 1/2 pen pals

To practice communicating in Spanish, grade 1/2 are writing pen pal letters to students from the bilingual Antonia Pantoja Charter School in Philadelphia. This is a real writing exchange: they're helping us with Spanish, and we're helping them with English! The classes connect through letters and Zooms to get acquainted. In the first meeting, students read the book, Same, Same But Different, to discuss how people who live in different places have similar and different characteristics. Students will be Zooming monthly.

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  • 8:1 Student to teacher ratio
  • 22 Faculty
  • 57% Faculty have advanced degrees
  • 135 Years in Quaker Education
  • 38% Students of color
  • 24 Zip codes
  • 99% Students accepted into first secondary school choice