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Guided by Quaker principles since its founding in 1885, Friends School Haverford provides an intellectually rich program to an intentionally diverse school family. We promote academic scholarship, creativity, respect, integrity, and self-awareness with a commitment to creating a culture of stewardship and kindness. Friends School Haverford graduates are uniquely prepared to go forth with boldness of intellect and character.

Latest News

Caroling Featured Photo


Many parents and students joined us at Brandywine Senior Living for some holiday caroling. Tr. Ed accompanied us on guitar as we sang Christmas and Hanukkah songs serenading our Brandywine friends who also joined in for the sing-along. Afterwards, we headed back to FSH for a pizza party. It was an enjoyable evening for all.

The "Very Hungry Caterpillar" Presentation

Nursery students presented their film debut of “The Very Hungry Caterpillar” for partners and parents. Directed and produced by Tr. Callie, each student gave a stellar performance. There were even outtakes at the end of the movie. FSH follows an emergent learning program. One of our students wanted to hear the story “The Very Hungry Caterpillar” daily so why not make a movie and have our nursery students be the stars. Look out Hollywood!
Learning to Code Featured Photo

Learning to Code

Grades 1/2 have been learning to code in technology class. They practiced using a cat cartoon character with the program "Scratch" which demonstrates making a character talk, change color, and move. Grades 1-8 have been working with BSD Education, formally BSD Coding Academy this semester in a six-week intensive coursework program learning coding, programming, and robotics.
Learning about the nervous and skeletal systems Featured Photo

Learning about the nervous and skeletal systems

Pre-Kindergarten has been studying the body and learning about the nervous and skeletal systems. One of their exciting projects was outlining their body shape, life-size on a piece of craft paper and using yarn to demonstrate how nerves work together to pass the messages to and from the brain. Then, they used cut-out shapes of bones pasting them in the proper locations on their skeletons. Check them out on display outside of the pre-kindergarten room.
Celebrations of Learning Featured Photo

Celebrations of Learning

Parents came out for an informative evening at our Celebrations of Learning last Thursday. Students from kindergarten through grade 8 presented projects and discussed units of study covered this semester. It was a great night for parents to see up close what their children have been working on. Thank you to all parents and family members who joined us.
The Season of Giving Featured Photo

The Season of Giving

The FSH holiday gift shop was bustling with shoppers today. Students had a ball dropping by to purchase presents for their family members. The gift items were donated by members of our community and were priced at $1 each. We were extremely lucky to have so many helping hands working together to make the Holiday Gift Sale possible this year. Thank you to those who donated toys, gifts, supplies, and food, and to our PTO and wonderful volunteers who were gracious enough to donate their time. A special thank you Katy Ruckdeschel, Diane Rouine, and Vicky Ryan for planning and organizing this wonderful event.
Egg Drop Featured Photo

Egg Drop

Grades 3/4 worked on a design challenge in science class. Students made inventive casings to protect an egg during a drop from the roof. Mr. Ken took the eggs up to the roof and dropped them one by one. Students watched from below with excitement and a little nervousness to see if plastic bags acting as parachutes, styrofoam, cloth, and many other materials worked to protect the eggs. Many eggs survived the drop.
Grades 5/6 Penn Museum Trip Featured Photo

Grades 5/6 Penn Museum Trip

5th and 6th graders traveled by train to Penn Museum to further their study of the Middle East. They were given a guided tour of the museum's recently opened Middle East galleries. Students were able to see artifacts from ancient Mesopotamian societies and trace the evolution of the world's first cities. Then students participated in a workshop that explored what can be learned about ancient people from their adornment artifacts.
Learning About Hanukkah Traditions Featured Photo

Learning About Hanukkah Traditions

Nursery school and preschool joined Tr. Rae in kindergarten to learn about Hanukkah and some of the traditions that are part of the holiday. They also enjoyed a sing-along. We wish the members of our community who celebrate Hanukkah a very happy holiday.
Bartram's Gardens Field Trip Featured Photo

Bartram's Gardens Field Trip

Grades 1/2 and 3/4 recently visited Bartram's Gardens. Grades 1/2 toured the arboretum, botanical gardens, and the historic John Bartram's house. They learned how to make fresh cider using a hand-cranked press and then got to taste it. Grades 3/4 also toured the arboretum, botanical gardens, and the historic John Bartram's house. Students then worked together to build a model city keeping in mind the SPICES just like William Penn did when he designed Philadelphia. It was an educational and enjoyable trip.
Grandfriends' Day Featured Photo

Grandfriends' Day

We were honored to have our very special Grandfriends on campus before Thanksgiving break. Our morning began with a delicious breakfast followed by a performance from our Kwaya Marimba. Grandfriends then went to their grandchild's classrooms for a myriad of activities. In Quaker tradition, we gathered for Meeting for Worship and then concluded our time together with a lively sing-along. We hope everyone had a wonderful holiday.
Heritage House Pre-Thanksgiving Meal Featured Photo

Heritage House Pre-Thanksgiving Meal

Lisa Buscaglia 12:38 PM (34 minutes ago) to me Heritage House students all worked together to make a delicious pre-Thanksgiving meal of sweet potatoes, rolls, mini pumpkin pies, and applesauce. Parents, teachers and Heritage House students all gathered for turkey songs, stories, a special blessing, and shared a wonderful homemade meal that was enjoyed by all.
Making Homemade Applesauce Featured Photo

Making Homemade Applesauce

Heather Van Heusen, an FSH parent, brought in two apple presses today. Grades 1/2 and preschool classes worked together cranking, scraping, and stirring up some yummy, homemade applesauce. Pre-kindergarten will have their turn tomorrow. The applesauce will be one of the dishes at the Heritage House Thanksgiving feast next week.
Grades 7/8 Weightlifting Featured Photo

Grades 7/8 Weightlifting

Grades 7/8 lifted free weights in PE class. They are learning how to work out different muscle groups for strengthening and toning.
Grades 1/2 Testing Paper Airplanes Featured Photo

Grades 1/2 Testing Paper Airplanes

Grades 1/2 started a measurement unit in math class. The students designed, built, and tested paper airplanes. They had to think like engineers and launch their planes out on the turf field and from Nancy's house. Next, they will share the final results from the launch and hypothesize about what could account for the differences in their results.
Trivia Night Featured Photo

Trivia Night

Parents and friends came out for our first ever Trivia Night on Saturday. In the spirit of the 80s movie theme of the night, participants dressed up in their favorite 80s movie attire and decorated their tables accordingly. Teams of eight competed in 10 rounds of 10 questions on a variety of topics. Some of the movies represented were Back to the Future, Fast Times at FSH, Flashdance, ET, Star Wars, Purple Rain, and The Princess Bride. It was an exciting, challenging, and fun night of friendly competition. The grand prize of a meal cooked by Tr. Lisa and Tr. Matt went to Tr. Dee's team.
Partners Groups and Planting Featured Photo

Partners Groups and Planting

Our all school theme this year is Small Acts, Big Impact. Students worked in partner groups to plant 200 daffodil bulbs around campus. They dug holes, planted the bulbs, and then packed the dirt. Some students found worms and one student was lucky enough to find a four leaf clover! Working together today will make a big impact of color this spring.
Ardmore Food Pantry Donations Featured Photo

Ardmore Food Pantry Donations

Tr. Liza's car was packed to the gills with cans to be delivered to the Ardmore Food Pantry. Students, families, and faculty worked together to provide 16 Thanksgiving meals for 120 members of the Ardmore area community.
All Aboard Featured Photo

All Aboard

Nursery school has several train enthusiasts in the class. They wanted to see what it is like to go to a train station, wait on the platform, and then get on board and meet a conductor. They walked over to the Haverford train station in the rain and excitedly boarded the train to head to Common Space in Ardmore to read books about trains and play with trains. Common Space shares FSH values of diversity with an open mind, kind heart, and thoughtful conversation. The rain made their adventure even better as they had to practice resiliency, grit, and determination as it was hard to be wet and not immediately arrive as you would in a car, but they did it!

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