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Guided by Quaker principles since its founding in 1885, Friends School Haverford provides an intellectually rich program to an intentionally diverse school family. We promote academic scholarship, creativity, respect, integrity, and self-awareness with a commitment to creating a culture of stewardship and kindness. Friends School Haverford graduates are uniquely prepared to go forth with boldness of intellect and character.

Latest News

Scavenger Hunt Featured Photo

Scavenger Hunt

Kindergarten students took on a leadership role and invited Pre-kindergarten friends to join them in a scavenger hunt they created on campus this morning. K and Pre-K students paired up and worked together to find natural objects. Some items on the list were easy to find while others, such as a chestnut or pine cone, were harder because they can only be found on specific areas of the playground. Leadership opportunities give students a voice, build relationships and help develop organizational and communication skills.
Kilimandjaro Restaurant Featured Photo

Kilimandjaro Restaurant

5th and 6th graders are exploring the role food plays in culture. As part of their study of West Africa, students were treated to lunch at Kilimandjaro, a West African restaurant in Philadelphia. Among the food students were able to sample were fried plantains, chicken and fish with African spices, and hibiscus juice. Yum!
Recent Graduates Visit Featured Photo

Recent Graduates Visit

A few of our recent graduates called and arranged to visit FSH on their day off from school. They visited their former partners in pre-kindergarten and enjoyed doing some yoga with the class. They were so excited to reconnect and still share a special bond with each other that grew out of our wonderful partners program.
Grade 3/4 science class Featured Photo

Grade 3/4 science class

Grades 3/4 are learning about the tools of scientists. They used hand lenses to look closer at found objects such as a feather, cicada shell, acorn, and pine cone in science class. Students used their observational skills to record the color, texture, shape, and smell.

Climate Strike & International Day of Peace

FSH gathered on the turf field Friday at noon to mark the International Day of Peace with a moment of silence. The International Day of Peace, first celebrated in 1982, is meant to be a day to focus on ending conflict and promoting peace. Students were reminded that people all over the globe would be sharing a moment of silence on the actual International Day of Peace which was on Saturday, September 21st. Middle schoolers had the opportunity to take part in two actions that they planned on Friday. These actions were part of the Global Climate Strike inspired by the work of sixteen-year-old climate activist Greta Thunberg. In the morning, students were invited to join with Haverford College to hear speakers and learn songs and chants. Then Friday afternoon, middle schoolers walked to Lancaster Avenue as a group with the signs that they had made to show their support for the Global Climate Strike. Middle schoolers were pleased with all the supportive beeps, waves, and thumbs-ups they received from people passing by.
Soccer Game Featured Photo

Soccer Game

The FSH soccer team enjoyed their first game of the season with a 5-1 win against United Friends School. Our team showed wonderful sportsmanship throughout the game and even lent UFS a player when their goalie was injured. Come on out to cheer on the Foxes at their next home game vs Media Providence Friends School on Monday, September 23.
Honey Extraction Featured Photo

Honey Extraction

As part of our passion for the outdoors, beekeeper Eli St. Amour tends to honeybee hives on our campus and Haverford College's campus and extracts the honey in our kitchen. Students had a chance to sample delicious, fresh honey, ask inquisitive questions, and learn about the importance of honeybees as he showed them the honey extraction process.
Grade 1/2 & Monarch Butterflies Featured Photo

Grade 1/2 & Monarch Butterflies

As an introduction to science, Gr 1/2 learned about what scientists do. They learned that scientists use their senses to observe and record their observations. Our student scientists carefully observed the life cycle of monarch butterflies in their classroom. The will make books about the life cycle of the monarch butterfly based on their observations at the end of the unit. Students will learn more about observation skills in Tr. Courtney's science class.
October Open House Featured Photo

October Open House

Join us for our next Open House, Wednesday, October 2, 2019, 9:00 am - 11:00 am
Kindness Monday Featured Photo

Kindness Monday

"It's Kindness Monday at FSH. Here's a kind thought for the day."
Alumni Day Featured Photo

Alumni Day

Graduates from the class of 1942 through 2019 joined us for a day of reconnecting and reminiscing at Alumni Day this past Saturday. The day started off with a light breakfast and tours of the school as Friends started to recognize their former classmates and classrooms. A science panel discussion with Dr. Linda Powell '71 and Dr. Wayne Giles '73 compared science in schools then and now. Friends gathered for Meeting for Worship followed by a luncheon honoring Sharon Livingston's retirement after 35 years of service. Alejandro Lopez '16 spoke and shared the impact Tr. Sharon had on his life. One theme that ran through all of the conversations over the course of the day was the solid foundation rooted in Quaker values our graduates received at FSH.
First All-School Assembly, Featured Photo

First All-School Assembly,

At our first all-school assembly, Tr. Liza helped everyone begin telling the story of Quaker education and what it means to be a student at Friends School Haverford. At FSH we look inside ourselves and others to find the good in everyone. Our 7th and 8th graders introduced themselves and shared when they see the good in themselves. Then all students and faculty reflected on the question, "When do I see the good in myself?"
Nursery School Explorers Featured Photo

Nursery School Explorers

Our nursery school explorers learned about bugs and new ways to search for small creatures. Equipped with butterfly nets, they went on a bug-finding mission to Haverford College and found a cicada and ants.
Camp Speers Trip Featured Photo

Camp Speers Trip

Last Thursday and Friday, the Middle School students had another marvelous trip to Camp Speers for two days of spirit-rousing and community-building! The rain held off and students were able to enjoy canoeing, archery lessons, the climbing tower, and the high ropes course. In the evening, students and the Speers' staff played games meant for the dark and finished with a campfire with s'mores. We had a great time reconnecting with old friends and welcoming new ones to the FSH Middle School!
Spreading kindness Featured Photo

Spreading kindness

Kindness Monday kicked off today with many students and teachers proudly sporting their Kindness shirts building on our "Kindness Day" movement that we launched on #MayTheFirst. Students and staff are encouraged to wear kindness attire on Mondays to remind ourselves and those we meet that the first thing we should be is kind.
Boo Hoo breakfast Featured Photo

Boo Hoo breakfast

Parents enjoyed a light breakfast, good company, and conversation at our Boo Hoo breakfast this morning.
Middle School Camp Speers Trip Featured Photo

Middle School Camp Speers Trip

Middle school students headed off to Camp Speers in the Pocono Mountains today for an overnight team-building experience. They will participate in canoeing, climbing, archery, hiking, and enjoy s’ mores. Team building is an important component in our social curriculum for establishing a culture of kindness.
First Day of School Featured Photo

First Day of School

Yesterday was an exciting first day back to school. Students arrived full of enthusiasm and curiosity, ready to start the new school year. Old friends joyfully reunited with each other and bonds with new friends are already beginning to develop. Middle students enjoyed some get to know you games while open house mornings in nursey-kindergarten classrooms were welcoming and enjoyed by students as well as parents. We are thrilled to have our classrooms filled with so many enthusiastic learners and look forward to a wonderful year ahead!
Welcome New Faculty Featured Photo

Welcome New Faculty

Yesterday was orientation day for new faculty. We are thrilled to have Lauren Berman (Kindergarten), Rae Fishman (Grades 3/4), Lori Sinitzky (Grades 1/2), Rob McClung (Middle School English), Marie Hawley (Support Coach), Brooke Averick (Heritage House Assistant Teacher), Marie Hawley (Support Coach) Natalie Roche (Support Coach) , and Courtney Marro (Science Teacher) join our faculty and community this year.
Get Your Teach On Conference Featured Photo

Get Your Teach On Conference

Tr. Lauren attended @GetYourTeachOn, a four-day immersive conference in Dallas, TX where she learned from some of the biggest trailblazers in the education field. The conference focused on student engagement with equal parts of fun and academic rigor. Tr. Lauren is excited to bring some of the MAGIC back to the classroom.

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  • 8:1 Student to teacher ratio
  • 25 Faculty
  • 57% Faculty have advanced degrees
  • 134 Years in Quaker Education
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