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Guided by Quaker principles since its founding in 1885, Friends School Haverford provides an intellectually rich program to an intentionally diverse school family. We promote academic scholarship, creativity, respect, integrity, and self-awareness with a commitment to creating a culture of stewardship and kindness. Friends School Haverford graduates are uniquely prepared to go forth with boldness of intellect and character.

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Grades 3/4 Special Zoom Event Featured Photo

Grades 3/4 Special Zoom Event

Grades 3/4 enjoyed a special Zoom event with authors Kate Messener and Traci Sorrell. Messner is the author of "History Smashers: Mayflower," a myth-busting book that uses primary source materials to uncover the truth about the Pilgrims' arrival to the New World. Students heard Sorrell read from "We are Grateful- Ostaliheliga," a poem about seasonal gratitude within the Cherokee Nation. Learning from a vibrant contemporary culture with a powerful history, students shared what they are grateful for throughout the seasons.
Grades 1/2 Author Visit Featured Photo

Grades 1/2 Author Visit

Once again, Grades 1/2 were treated for a Zoom with author K-Fai Steele. Our young writers are determining how their favorite books can guide their own stories. Students loved the dialogue in K-Fai's book, "A Normal Pig," so now they're incorporating dialogue in their own work. Students asked Steele about about the writing process: how do you edit? how do you combat writer's block? Steele said to keep a notebook, get out every idea before editing, and imagine all the different ways to tell a story.
Fifth and sixth-grade scientists Featured Photo

Fifth and sixth-grade scientists

Fifth and sixth-grade scientists kicked off their Earth Science unit by becoming geologists, chemical engineers, and paleontologists. They examined rocks and minerals, studying luster, streak, and the Mohs hardness scale; they grew crystals to understand the chemistry behind lattice formation; and they dug for genuine fossil specimens which they'll analyze in the coming weeks. Four and a half billion years of biotic evolution on earth gives us lots to talk about!
Pre-Kindergarten Predictions Featured Photo

Pre-Kindergarten Predictions

Abandon ship! Pre-Kindergarten read Pamela Allen's Who Sank the Boat and subsequently explored sinking and floating objects. Students made boats from aluminum foil and tested their "seaworthiness" in the classroom. Students then predicted how many pennies their boats could support before sinking.
Grades 1/2 Scientists Featured Photo

Grades 1/2 Scientists

Grades 1/2 are learning how to classify living vs. non-living things in science class. Tr. Karen gave students a zip lock bag of objects that included bugs, leaves, mud, seeds, a vial of water, mulch, and a small rock. They separated the items onto two paper plates - living things on one and non-living things on another. Our scientists recorded their findings in their science journals by drawing pictures of the sorted objects.
Happy Kindness Monday! Featured Photo

Happy Kindness Monday!

Happy Kindness Monday! We want to introduce Miss Danielle who's been with us since we came back to campus. Danielle helps to keep us safe by continually cleaning high-touch surfaces throughout the school buildings. Danielle got in the Halloween spirit on Friday for Halloween. We appreciate the kindness Danielle shows to everyone at FSH and consider ourselves lucky to have her on our staff this year.
Grades 5/6 Tiles Featured Photo

Grades 5/6 Tiles

Grades 5/6 decorated ceramic tiles as part of their study of the Middle East. Persian tiles date back to ancient Mesopotamia. Students looked at examples to find common design elements including symmetry, geometric shapes, and color. They've produced beautiful works of art!
Kindergarten Artists Featured Photo

Kindergarten Artists

Kindergarten artists carefully studied the texture, stem, and ridges of pumpkins. They used oil pastels to draw the pumpkin and its details. Then, they created a "resist": oil and water resist one another. When we paint watercolor on top of oil pastels, the pastels remain uncovered. This reveals both materials. Students reviewed how to correctly use the watercolors and the paintbrush. The results were beautiful!
Grade 7/8 English Classs Featured Photo

Grade 7/8 English Classs

7/8 students have been learning what it means to get in "good trouble." Earlier in the week, they read and discussed passages from Thoreau's "Civil Disobedience" and M.L.K. Jr.'s "Letter from a Birmingham Jail." After watching an interview with the late Congressman John Lewis, students wrote short responses that discussed just laws, unjust laws, and the role of our moral conscience in civic duty and everyday decision-making. #ThisIsQuakerEd #goodtrouble
Picture Day Featured Photo

Picture Day

Say cheese! It was glorious weather for C on Wednesday. Students at FSH sat for their picture by the flower circle and grinned for the camera with big smiles. Mr. Fox even showed up and got his picture taken. He hasn't aged a day, has he?
Virtual Meeting for Worship Featured Photo

Virtual Meeting for Worship

After settling into Thurs. Virtual Meeting for Worship, Tr. Liza explored what it means to hold someone in the light. Last week, after reading EE Cummings' "i thank You God for most this amazing," she called on students to ask what they can do to care for nature.
NS/PS/K Outdoor Discovery Featured Photo

NS/PS/K Outdoor Discovery

Nursery, preschool, and kindergarten students discovered tree seed pods, sticks, and natural objects during outdoor exploration time. Kindergarten embarked on a scavenger hunt searching high and low for tree seed pods. They found acorns and seed pods from black walnut and sweet gum trees. Nursery and Preschool worked individually and together to collect all kinds of sticks of different shapes and sizes.
Check Out Our School Profile! Featured Photo

Check Out Our School Profile!

“They’re teaching not just the skills he needs to do well academically, but how to be a good person in the world.” Check out our school profile featuring one of our FSH families in the Main Line Parent and Philadelphia Family Education Guide.
Grade 5/6 Math Featured Photo

Grade 5/6 Math

Grade 5/6 is learning how to calculate the area, perimeter, and volume of shapes. Before they returned to on-campus learning, they applied their newfound knowledge with a layout of a store, carefully measuring the dimensions of each part. Once they honed those skills, they moved on to measuring the volume of several cube shapes. Inch by inch, foot by foot, practice makes perfect!
Friday Fun Fact: Featured Photo

Friday Fun Fact:

Check out the FSH center spread in the 1941 issue of The Main Line Caller! Then, as now, our school believed that "the natural activity of little children is the direct road to learning." We're all about play-based, student-centered learning!
Meeting for Worship Featured Photo

Meeting for Worship

Virtual Meeting for Worship was attended by grades 3 through 8 today while younger friends attended classes on campus. Tr. Liza asked students and faculty to settle into silence and look to the light within themselves. What rises to the surface and matters most to you? What would compel you to speak before a meeting of Friends? We'll be returning to Thursday Meeting for Worship on Zoom starting next week. See you then!
Welcome Back to Campus Featured Photo

Welcome Back to Campus

On Friday, Friends School Haverford welcomed to campus new families and students in nursery through second grade. From drop-off to pick-up, everything went smoothly. After settling into classrooms and routines, student pods enjoyed outdoor classes throughout the day. We're looking forward to seeing grades three through eight this Friday. Don't forget your mask!
Friday Fun Fact Featured Photo

Friday Fun Fact

Friday Fun Fact: FSH has always valued physical growth, mental stimulation, and exercise. The Climbing Tree at Haverford College has been a well-loved destination by our students for more than six decades. The osage orange tree fell more than 85 years ago and continues to grow in a reclining position allowing even our youngest students to climb its branches.
Classrooms Featured Photo


Some of our teachers set up virtual classrooms in their homes and are teaching virtually. Others are teaching from their classrooms on campus. We are just days away from seeing our early childhood and elementary school students back on campus!

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  • 8:1 Student to teacher ratio
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  • 135 Years in Quaker Education
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