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Guided by Quaker principles since its founding in 1885, Friends School Haverford provides an intellectually rich program to an intentionally diverse school family. We promote academic scholarship, creativity, respect, integrity, and self-awareness with a commitment to creating a culture of stewardship and kindness. Friends School Haverford graduates are uniquely prepared to go forth with boldness of intellect and character.

Latest News

Preschool Music Class Featured Photo

Preschool Music Class

Preschool enjoyed singing and dancing with Tr. Ed in music class today. They did a great job singing and dancing along to "Old MacDonald Had a Farm," "Head Shoulders, Knees & Toes," and "We're Going on a Bear Hunt."
Kindergarten and Pumpkins Featured Photo

Kindergarten and Pumpkins

Kindergarten enjoyed a combined math/science lesson that included estimation, measurement, and predictions using pumpkins. While working in groups, students estimated how many seeds were inside the pumpkin and guessed whether the pumpkin would float or sink in a tub of water. They also observed the texture and size of the pumpkins. After predictions were recorded, students scooped the seeds out and counted them to see how accurate their estimations were. They learned the darker and more lines a pumpkin has, the more seeds it contains.
Footsteps for Friends and Pumpkin Day Featured Photo

Footsteps for Friends and Pumpkin Day

Thank you to everyone who came out for our Footsteps for Friends 5K Race & 1-Mile Run/Walk and Pumpkin Day events on Saturday despite a little misty rain. Congratulations to our top runners Scott Higgins, Jake Swann, Natalie Neuhaus, Rebecca Wusinich, Chris Strawbridge, and Kathleen Fallah. We'd like to thank Alicia Walker for coordinating the food donations for Footsteps and Vicky Ryan for organizing Pumpkin Day. Thank you to Karen Bleznak and all the volunteers who marshaled the course or worked a shift, donated items, and brought in baked goods. Everyone's participation made these two events enjoyable for all.
Studying Food and Culture Featured Photo

Studying Food and Culture

5th and 6th graders are exploring the role food plays in culture. As part of their study of the Middle East, students were treated to lunch at The Persian Grill, a Persian restaurant in Lafayette Hill. Among the food students were able to sample were hummus, chicken and lamb with Middle Eastern spices, and saffron and rosewater ice cream. Yum!
Soccer Game Featured Photo

Soccer Game

A lot of effort from both offense and defense in an exciting, well-played game from our soccer team vs Woodlynde School with a 2-4 final score. Come on out a cheer the team on today at home vs French International.
Winged Wonders Featured Photo

Winged Wonders

FSH was buzzing with visitors at our Winged Wonders: The Magic of the Monarch Butterfly PLUS The Hardworking Honeybee event this past weekend. The weather was gorgeous for all the outdoor activities. Butterfly enthusiast and former Friends School Haverford teacher, Ann Ward, explained the Monarch Butterfly tagging process. Visitors, children, and their parents took turns visiting the butterfly house where they had the opportunity to hold and feed the newly tagged Monarchs. Children also enjoyed special butterfly-themed crafts, festive face painting, and delicious snacks by JPM Catering. Afterward, everyone gathered outside to release their new friends. Children wished upon butterfly wings as the Monarchs began their 2,000-mile migration to Mexico. Beekeeper Eli St. Amour gave an up-close look at honeycombs and how honey is extracted while discussing the role of bees in the hive and how the flowers and plants near a hive can flavor the honey. A honey extraction demonstration and pollination simulation station were just some of the ways children learned about the important role honeybees play in keeping our food crops alive.
Grade 3/4 Inventions Featured Photo

Grade 3/4 Inventions

Grades 3/4 have been studying inventions and the engineering process in science class. Working with five items (a cup, plate, piece of string, paper towel and two paper clips) they had to brainstorm, draw up a plan, and then invent something from those items. They were then given a plastic spoon to take home and asked to add something to the spoon to make another invention. They presented their creative ideas to their classmates. Some of the inventions included a clock, a unicorn, a tiny piano, a rescue plane, a soup spoon with a splatter guard, and a balancing bird.
FSH Celebrates International Day of Peace Featured Photo

FSH Celebrates International Day of Peace

Students in nursery school through grade eight expressed their thoughts about peace on fabric squares. The squares were sewn together to make peace flags which welcomed everyone who entered our campus this morning on this International Day of Peace.
Happy 300th birthday! Featured Photo

Happy 300th birthday!

Our nursery school students wish our Friends at Radnor Friends Meeting a happy 300th birthday!
Alumni Weekend Featured Photo

Alumni Weekend

Graduates from the classes of 1968 through 2018 joined us for a day of reconnecting and reminiscing during Alumni Weekend. The day started off with a light breakfast and lots of smiles as Friends started to recognize their former classmates. Tours of the school ended in the music room where guests were treated to a marimba performance by graduates from 2014-2018 who hadn't played together in years and didn't miss a beat. Heartfelt speeches were given by Sally Bleznak, Patty Bleznak Silverstein and Linda Escoll to commemorate the 45th anniversary of Nancy's House, our beloved play structure created and named in honor of Nancy Bleznak. Photos from the school's founding to the present were on display in the community room for everyone to enjoy. A buffet lunch and Meeting for Worship wrapped up the festive day.
Brandywine Living Visitors Featured Photo

Brandywine Living Visitors

A few of our senior friends from Brandywine Living paid a visit to grades 1/2 and 3/4. After everyone introduced themselves, our senior friends shared stories of what they did before coming to Brandywine. Mrs. Johnnie was a librarian; Vera traveled extensively; Jane was a third-grade teacher; Barbara was a volunteer; Tom was in the navy; Susan has two grandchildren who graduated FSH; and finally Rozy, now 94, graduated FSH in 1937! She visited her old classroom to recall many fond memories. Our valuable connection to our friends from Brandywine Living proves to be an education for both young and old. We all can learn together and from each other.
Camp Speers Featured Photo

Camp Speers

Last Thursday and Friday, the Middle School students had another marvelous trip to Camp Speers for two days of spirit-rousing and community-building! The rain didn't deter us from enjoying canoe races, archery lessons, and the low ropes course. In the evening, students and the Speers' staff performed skits, sang songs, made s'mores, and did the Cupid Shuffle. We had a great time reconnecting with old friends and welcoming new ones to the FSH Middle School!
Puddle Jumping Featured Photo

Puddle Jumping

This week has proved to be perfect weather for Nursery School to suit up in raincoats and rain boots to go exploring at Haverford College. They will make observations and discoveries of what comes out in the rain and enjoy jumping in as many puddles as they can find along the way.
Learning About Cicadas Featured Photo

Learning About Cicadas

Nursery school visited Tr. Lisa to learn about a cicada that she found in her window. Each student got to hold the cicada, examine its wings, size, and color. The students learned how to be gentle with holding the cicada and not to fear it after examining it. Afterward, they went upstairs to observe the beehive and see the bees busy at work. They sang a song about bees and enjoyed their informative trip.
First Week Back to School Featured Photo

First Week Back to School

Yesterday was an exciting first day back to school. Students arrived full of enthusiasm and curiosity, ready to start the new school year. Old friends joyfully reunited with each other and bonds with new friends are already beginning to develop. Middle schoolers enjoyed a competitive game in the new gaga pit while Heritage House teachers’ classroom open houses were welcoming and much enjoyed by parents as well as students. We are thrilled to have our classrooms filled with so many enthusiastic learners and look forward to a wonderful year ahead!
We Welcome New Faculty Featured Photo

We Welcome New Faculty

Today was orientation day for new faculty. We are thrilled to have Tippi Aronson (learning specialist), Kori Waring (learning support coach), Douglas Roberts (learning support coach), Lauren Berman (learning support coach), Katherine Simon (Heritage House Assistant), Marita Pyantov (Spanish), Lauren Belasco (MS Math), and Cara Fiordimondo (PreK Assistant) join our faculty and community this year.
Chickens Get a New Coop Featured Photo

Chickens Get a New Coop

Our chickens moved into their new home today thanks to Mr. Ken. The new coop provides better safety from predators, and easier access for our third and fourth graders to feed the hens and collect eggs.

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