Serving Our Community

Service to the community is an important facet of a Quaker education. Students in FSH’s 3/4/5 classroom have been learning about food insecurity and how one church in the community is helping families. In their literacy class, students have been reading biographies and writing about changemakers. Students wrote the following article about Pastor Darren Miller, founder of the highly successful Food Pantry sponsored by the Memorial Church of God in Christ, which serves families in our community. Coincidentally, Pastor Miller is a former FSH student and an alumni parent. Students wanted to learn more about Pastor Miller, who agreed to be interviewed on campus.


When Pastor Miller was little, he wanted to grow up to be Batman or Superman because he was interested in superheroes. Later, he wanted to be someone who helped people. When Pastor Miller went to Friends School Haverford, the 3/4/5 section of the building was not there. It was just grass. He has a picture from 1977 of his class standing in the grass, where the building is now. Pastor Miller had nice teachers. His principal was Mrs. Brown. He remembers most of his teachers: Miss Morgan, Mrs. Savage, Ms. Carry and Mrs. Rug. Later, Pastor Miller went to Temple University for college. 


Pastor Miller enjoys helping people. He was in financial investments for 15 years. He is a pastor now. He enjoys being a pastor to the people in need. Often people say, “I knew you were a pastor because you listened to me when you inquired about my struggles.”  


In 2018 Pastor Miller started the food pantry. It all started one day when a lady gave him five free bagels. When he asked her where she got them, she told him that Panera Bread throws away everything they don't sell in a day.  This led Pastor Miller to start picking up food from places with extra food. Fast forward a month or so, and you've got yourself a food pantry. Pastor Miller's favorite thing about the food pantry is the cakes, pies, donuts and cookies. He said, “I have sweet teeth.”
Pastor Miller likes children and has two of his own. His oldest is a girl named Alana. She also went to Friends School Haverford. Pastor Miller's second child is a boy named Darius.  Alana is 24 and Darius is 15.  
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When talking with us, Pastor Miller shared some life advice. He explained that we will all have challenges and disappointments. During these times we need to remain diligent and not give up. Pastor Miller shared his sincere belief in us. We are very grateful for Pastor Miller who took time from his busy schedule to share his story and wise advice with us.
Fun Fact:  Pastor Miller is a Sagittarius, the hunter/centaur zodiac sign. He is a fire sign, like his fellow fire signs, Aries and Leo. His birthday is December 1st. 
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