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Come Visit Us!

We welcome the opportunity to meet you and learn more about your child. We offer several ways for you to visit us and learn more about our school and academic programs.

Pumpkin Day

It was a beautiful fall day for our annual Pumpkin Day. Pumpkins were decorated, crafts were made, and fun games played. Thank you to all the volunteers who planned the event, worked a shift, and set up or cleaned up. It was wonderful to gather as a community. Everyone's participation made this event enjoyable for all.

Halloween Parade

Parents and families gathered for coffee and donuts on the Meetinghouse Porch then enjoyed our traditional Halloween parade. Each grade had a chance to show off their imaginative and creative costumes starting with nursery school and continuing through grade 5. Students paraded around the circle waving to all those gathered. Ending in Friends School Haverford tradition, students and faculty performed a dance to the song “Thriller” led by Tr. Ed. Happy Halloween!

Grades 3-8 Kickball Game

Third through eighth grades joined together for a friendly game of kickball. Teams showed great sportsmanship and cheered on their teammates as they kicked the ball and rounded the bases. More important than the final score was the fun everyone had together and their great look in tie-dyed shirts.

Grades 5 & 6 Graduation

With the closure of the middle schol at the end of this school year, our fifth and sixth graders celebrated their graduation on Tuesday, June 8. The rain forced the planned turf field evet to the gym, but families were happy to be together for the celebration. Each student gave a speech and recalled what they learned or will remember most about their time at FSH including participating in the Flower Show, taking care of the chickens, visiting the Penn Museum, eating at an African restaurant, going to Camp Spears, and making great friends. We wish our graduates all the best as they move on to their new schools in the fall and hope they will come back and visit often.

Field Day 2021

Although a little different this year, we were thrilled to gather as a school on the FSH turf field for Field Day. First through eighth-graders competed in sprints, potato sack races, frisbee tosses, softball tosses, and relay races. Our nursery, preschool, pre-k, and kindergarten friends cheered on “the big kids” with signs, pom-poms, and chants. Once again, the blue team won the overall competition. Congratulations to all of our event winners and THANK YOU to Tr. Sharon for making it happen.

Surprise Baby Shower for Teachers

Our faculty and staff threw a surprise fox-themed baby shower for Tr. Rob, Tr. Lauren and Tr. Courtney. We wish them and their spouses much love and happiness as they each welcome their first child in the upcoming months.

PK Triangle Paintings

Pre-k students made paintings inspired by Jac Barnett's book, "Triangle." Barnett's trilogy of shape stories provides a fun and fitting conclusion to the class's exploration of shapes. In this story, Triangle sets out to play a sneaky trick on his friend Square. The tables are turned when Square plays a sneaky trick on Triangle! Students noted that Triangle lived in a triangular house surrounded by triangular things. What kind of setting might they create for Triangle's next adventure? After completing their paintings, pre-k students placed their own Triangle character in the land they created and told a new story about Triangle's escapades.

Grade 3/4

Grade 3/4 students took to an outside class and listened to "The Wild Robot." The class discussed figurative language and how it enriches a text. Author Peter Brown uses alliteration, onomatopoeia, and strong word choice to bring the readers right into the story. After a transition to take care of the chickens, a 3/4 student back from a long virtual-learning absence learned how to hold a chicken for the first time, thanks to a fellow student. She's a natural! Ready to help care for the chickens!

PK Mealworm Study

Our PK entomologists are learning about the life cycle of the darkling beetle. These insects undergo a complete metamorphosis and have four distinct stages of life: egg, larva, pupa, and adult beetle. Mealworms are the larval stage of the darkling beetle. PK created a habitat for their mealworms. They live in a layer of oatmeal and are fed apples, carrots, and potatoes. Students are using magnifying lenses to study the mealworms and recording their observations in a journal. Students discovered many pupae forming and darkling beetles are starting to emerge! So much more to learn!
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