Tuition & Financial Aid

Parents are encouraged to begin with the smallest amount of time at school as they think they may want. Mornings and afternoons may be added to programs but cannot be subtracted once students are enrolled. For example, if a parent enrolls for five full days and, once school starts, wants to switch to five mornings, they must continue to pay for five full days even as their child attends mornings only.
Please note that programs cannot be reduced.

Nursery School (must be 2 years & 7 months old by Sept. 1)

3 mornings (minimum) $7,575
Per morning $2,485
5 mornings $12,545
Per afternoon $840
5 full days $16,745

Preschool (must be 3 years old by Sept. 1)

3 mornings (minimum) $8,175
Per morning $2,675
5 mornings $13,525
Per afternoon $825
5 full days $17,650

Pre-kindergarten (must be 4 years old by Sept. 1)

5 mornings (minimum) $15,275
Per afternoon $825
5 full days $19,400

Kindergarten (must be 5 years old by Sept. 1)

5 full days $21,825

Grades 1 through 5

Grade 1 $22,350
Grade 2 $22,900
Grade 3 $23,450
Grade 4 $24,000
Grade 5 $24,550

Payment Options Available

Friends School Haverford offers three payment plans:

Full Payment

For families who pay the total amount on or before August 1, the School gives a 1% discount on the tuition due less the enrollment deposit. 

Two Payment Plan

For those families who pay the tuition in two installments, the payments are sixty percent of the tuition due on August 1 and the remaining balance on January 15. 

Ten or Twelve-Month Payment Plan

A 10 to 12-month payment plan may be arranged through FACTS Management Systems. Payments begin in April for the 12-month plan, May for the 11-month plan, and June for the 10-month plan.

Premiums for Tuition Refund Plan (optional)

If your child needs to leave School before the end of the year, we offer a tuition refund plan administered by A.W.G. Dewar, Inc. The cost of this insurance is 2.4% of the total tuition charge. Payment for the tuition refund plan should be included with your initial payment to the School. See the tuition refund plan brochure and/or contact the Director of Finance & Operations for more details.

Financial Aid

Financial aid is available for students with a demonstrated need entering pre-kindergarten through fifth grade. All financial aid is need-based. Friends School Haverford uses the services of the School and Student Services (SSS) by NAIS to calculate a family's need for financial aid. 


Financial aid forms are mailed to current families in December. Applicant families should apply before January 7, 2023. 


While the availability of school resources, the number of qualified applicants, and overall budgetary constraints influence financial assistance decisions, Friends School Haverford is committed to helping as many applicants as possible. To make the process fair to all, the School considers the following when making award decisions:


1. The primary responsibility for financing a student's education rests with the family.

2. Both parents are expected to contribute to tuition regardless of being in the same household.

3. In the case of divorce, separation, or unmarried parents, Friends School Haverford requires both parents to submit their financial information.

4. Friends School Haverford believes a family should invest in their child's education before elective expenses.

5. Both parents are expected to volunteer time and participate in school fundraiser events.

6. Families are expected to keep their children at Friends School Haverford for the entire program through grade 5.


Complete the Parents' Financial Statement (PFS) online. 

  • Create a new account or log in to the Family Portal to complete your application.
  • The SSS code number for Friends School Haverford is 3325. 
  • Be sure to ask for a Family Report (9000).
  • NEW Upload all financial documents to the SSS online portal, including 2021 W-2s, 2020 Federal Income Tax Returns, final 2022 pay stub(s), and other proof of income.
  • Be sure to complete ALL sections of the form to prevent processing delays.  
Deadline Items needed
January 7 PFS, 2021 1040 and all supporting schedules, 2021 W2, 2022 final pay stub
January 30 2022 W2
March 15 2022 1040 and all supporting schedules


Extended Day Programs

Early Birds

7:15 – 8:15 a.m. Monday through Friday

The Early Birds Program is available at no charge. The Early Bird Program will also be delayed for delayed school openings simultaneously.


Extended Day 

Extended Day is our after school care for full-day students and is open from 2:45 p.m. to 6:00 p.m.
Late Fees: From 6:00 p.m.- 6:30 p.m., late pick up is $25; after 6:30 p.m. late fee is $50 for every additional 30 minutes. Drop-in fees and late fees will be billed to the child's account. Extended Day Contracts cannot be reduced, and there are no refunds for absences. Extended Day Programs can also be paid online through the FACTS system.
1 DAY/WEEK $1,000
2 DAYS/WEEK $1,900
3 DAYS/WEEK $2,750
4 DAYS/WEEK $3,400
5 DAYS/WEEK $4,000