Seedlings (Age 3-Kindergarten)

Experienced staff lead Seedlings, a full-day program with exciting weekly theme-based preschool activities. Seedlings campers will have lots to talk about on the ride home! With a low camper-to-staff ratio, our preschoolers get plenty of attention as they run through sprinklers on our wet and wild water days or experiment with the different kid-friendly features offered at our natural playground. Teachers take a weekly thematic approach (themes listed below) to activities as campers dabble in arts and crafts, gym, music/movement, storytelling, and cooking. 


Weekly themes are as follows - Themes are subject to change

Week 1 - Pets and Vets, How do they help animals?

Week 2 - Building, How did they build that?

Week 3 - Games, Let's play and learn some new ones!

Week 4 - Stuffed Animal Adventures, Playing and making stories with our stuffies.

Week 5 - Plants and Trees, What helps them grow?

Week 6 - Music and sound, Let's learn some songs and make some noise!

Week 7 - Oceans, What lives under the water?

Week 8 - Machines, What makes them go?

Week 9 - Floating, What will and won't float?

Week 10 - Fun in the sun, (Post Camp Week less programming, more play)


Seedling Schedule

8:30-9:00 Early drop off in their bunks

9:00- Camp officially begins

8:30-9:30-Discovery Time

9:30-9:45- Snack Time

10:15- 11:15- Outdoor Time-Water Play & Hikes

11:30- Meeting/Circle/Storytime

12:00- Lunch

12:45- Half Day children leave

12:45-1:30- Quiet Activities - puzzles/stories/small building activities

1:30-2:30- Outside Time - Art exploration/science/water activity

2:30-2:45- End-of-day Meeting/Circle/Story 

3:00- Dismissal/carline at HH

3:00-5:00- Extended Day

kids playing outside


Seedlings Pricing


June 10 – August 16, 2024

Camp Weeks 1–9 (Full Program)



August 19 – August 23, 2024

(Post Camp, No Before or Aftercare, less programming)



Note: The Seedlings program has an optional 1 p.m. pick-up option at the reduced cost of $325/week. There are no partial week options. Seedling campers can take advantage of the no-charge Before Care option from 8:30 am to 9:00 am daily and aftercare from 3:00 pm to 5:00 pm (after paying the one-time sign-up fee), provided it is elected at registration.



Additional Seedlings Information


"Potty" Policy

Children ages three and potty trained through those entering 5th grade in the fall can attend our Summer Camp. Due to the number of transitions throughout the camp day, we require that Seedlings campers manage themselves independently when using the potty. Regular breaks and lots of encouragement will assist in this process. While we understand that accidents can and will occur occasionally, we do not have the staffing to manage more regular accidents with campers while maintaining our program's integrity. If the occasional accident becomes a regular pattern of behavior, we reserve the right to dismiss campers at our discretion.


Clothing and Toys

Children should wear cool, comfortable, weather-appropriate clothes to camp and be prepared for outdoor and indoor activities. All campers must wear sneakers and socks. Please do not send your child to camp in sandals. Campers will not need to bring toys to camp. While it is appropriate for our Seedlings campers to bring a favorite blanket or stuffed animal to help them relax during quiet time, all other toys and electronic devices are prohibited from being brought to camp. 


Lunches and Snacks

Families should pack two snacks for a full day at camp and an extra snack for aftercare. Water will be available throughout the day. Campers will need to provide their lunches in insulated bags or coolers. Please pack lunches that do not require additional refrigeration or heat.