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Since 1885, young children have found a safe and welcoming environment attuned to their innate interests and desires. The sheltering campus, tucked behind pale yellow stucco walls on Buck Lane in Haverford, PA, has opened horizons for young children as they explore and learn about the world.

The campus consists of three main structures: the Meeting House, School House, and Heritage House. The Heritage House gym is available to outside groups to rent. For more information, contact the Business Manager: Katie Hess |  [email protected].

Environmental Sustainability – The Greening of the Friends School Haverford Campus and Curriculum

We believe the way plants, animals, and living processes on our planet connect is inspired. We believe that happiness and human survival depend on our ability to understand and appreciate the Earth's ecosystem. We have a great school where lessons are beautifully designed, precisely targeted, and implemented in exquisite facilities by an extraordinary faculty.

At Friends School Haverford, the outdoor space is an extension of the classroom and is integrated into the curriculum. Our campus is a certified National Wildlife Schoolyard Habitat indicating that our students and teachers have completed projects demonstrating our commitment to wildlife conservation and the environment.

Heritage House Bio-swale – An Intentional Ecosystem

The Heritage House Bio-swale, engineered to manage stormwater runoff, will create a natural habitat for student observation. The upper border of the bio-swale will be designed as a site for the kindergarten gardening program. The bio-swale is planted with native species and is home to butterflies and hummingbirds. In addition to the swale's water management role, it is also an official butterfly way station for migrating monarchs. The greenhouse, potting shed, and compost container are conveniently located near the campus gardens.


Classroom garden projects are an essential part of the school experience. Children in Heritage House have daily access to the pollinator and sensory gardens and learn about planting and a plant's life cycle in the vegetable-raised bed.

Preschool Philadelphia Area | Private School Haverford | Pollinator Garden

The Picnic Grove

Classes at Friends School Haverford meet outside for a variety of intentional activities. The Picnic Grove is used for picnic lunches, poetry writing, journal reflection, and art sketching. 


In 2006, a complete outdoor renovation included reorganizing the playgrounds for our youngest students and providing areas for other games and activities for students through fifth grade. Just south of the Schoolhouse, a permeable surface was installed with four square and other sidewalk games, making this a favorite destination. It is also a welcoming gathering place for students and parents and School social functions.

Outdoor Classroom and playground

Heritage House Green

The Heritage House Playground Green includes a large tricycle/jogging track and new and refurbished playground equipment sized for our younger students. The center of the track is planted with grass for running and ball games. At the Playground Green's perimeter are swings, climbing structures, and a sand pit.

Private Quaker School in Philadelphia | Preschool Philadelphia Area | Heritage House playground

Nancy's House

A critical component of the 2006 renovation was the inclusion of a "Nancy's House." The original Nancy's House, a memorial to a beloved FSH student, played an essential role in the lives of FSH children. The play structure has been redesigned and rebuilt, supporting the same magical, imaginative play that the original structure engendered.

Preschool Newton Square | Main Line Preschool | Nancy's House

Buck-Schmader Field

Recognizing the need for all-weather playing surfaces that support daily physical education classes and free play, a turf field and appropriate under-drainage were installed on the Oakley Road field. The Buck Schmader Field dries quickly and is a beautiful play space in damp weather.