Truth into Action

Yes, Quakers and Quaker educators fervently believe that we must let our lives speak. To do this, we are called to sit in silence. If we listen carefully and often, if we do the work of tuning in despite the ever-present static, we will access the “still small voice” within each of us. That small voice of God--of what is right and true and sacred--guides us to put Truth into action. 
The voice I’m hearing as I listen inward says I need to hear what other lives are speaking right now. What I am led to say or share from my perspective in any of my roles--parent, educator, Quaker, Quaker-educator, white woman, human being--is part of the ever-present static. I need to tune in to what others are telling me--with their words, their actions, and their lives. 
Here are some of the voices I’m listening to as I reflect on raising my own children and educating this generation of children. I am grateful for their refusal to be silent or silenced.