Thank You

While it may be a long while before we come to a sense of closure for this year, I know that it's ending has meaning and value. Even when it doesn't feel quite "right," the end of every school year caps a year of growing pains and growth spurts, of celebrations and tribulations. If nothing else, we can't help but recognize the pivotal role school plays in our lives once the first day of summer arrives and our children have run out of things to do by lunch. School, as it turns out, takes up much of lives for much of the year. Perhaps we realize that now in a way we couldn't see before. 
On behalf of everyone at Friends School Haverford, I want to thank each FSH family for sharing this year with us, and for sharing your child with us. Thank you for allowing us to nurture and witness those growing pains and growth spurts--it is no small gift to be a participant in a child's life. Thank you, too, for partnering with us this spring in ways no one anticipated when the school year began. We are undeniably grateful for the work you did, from rearranging your schedules to keeping track of Zoom links and passwords, from sitting next to your child during class to supporting our teachers' efforts. 
As is true of the end of every school, many of us will return to see one another in the fall, and some of us will set off to new places. Whether or not our paths cross again, though, I'm grateful for the time we shared this school year--a year that galvanized my belief in the crucial role Quaker education must play in the world today. I'll be holding you and your children in light and love until our paths cross again.