Friends School Haverford is pleased to share that it will return to its roots as a Nursery-Grade 5 school, beginning with the 2021-22 school year.

Friends School Haverford will continue its focus on teaching the next generation of children to advocate for themselves, others, and our world. Our youngest students learn that their little voices can carry powerful messages about truth and fairness in their annual March for Peace in honor of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. In social studies, first and second graders identify problems in our school and work together to identify solutions that will help our community grow stronger, together. Our older students study the lives of change-makers and peace-makers to teach our younger students about the importance of activism. By participating in these conversations and experiences, our students understand they can make a difference in their world at any age.

In our classrooms and on our playgrounds,  you’ll find children and teachers are brimming with  joy and engaged in authentic learning experiences. Through outdoor exploration, cooperative play, and peaceful problem-solving, all of our students learn how to communicate their feelings and how their words impact others. Through reading, writing, and public speaking, our elementary students come to understand words as tools to convey their interests, thoughts, and opinions. In our Math and Science classes, students of every age research real-world problems and share their discoveries with classmates, parents, and the greater community. Our arts program gives all students the opportunity for self-expression individually and within a group. Woven into the fabric of our community is the belief that learning is a lifelong process fueled by children’s innate curiosity and exuberant energy.

As we plan for our future as a Nursery-Grade 5 school, Friends School Haverford remains committed to academic scholarship, creativity, integrity, social justice, and teaching students to use their voice for good. The hallmarks of our mission remain unchanged: honoring each child, embracing student-driven exploration and learning, and seeing the goodness within every individual. Changes such as this offer us the chance to reflect on how our 135-year-old mission fits into today’s world. It’s clear that now, more than ever, our children and our world need all that FSH has to offer.  


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