Why Students Like Math at Friends School Haverford

The question, “Do you like math?” is often met with the response, “I’m not a math person.” Adults tend to believe that one is born with or without the innate ability to succeed in math. Jo Boaler, Stanford University mathematics education professor, has taught us that thinking deeply about math problems and engaging creatively with the subject–as opposed to prioritizing speed and memorization as markers of achievement–helps all students develop what she refers to as a “mathematical mindset.”
In Kindergarten and First Grade, students engage in Guided Discovery to become familiar with math materials. Students play with cubes, dominoes, and pattern blocks to develop concepts and a sense of numbers. In grades 3,4, and 5, students participate in activities that develop mathematical reasoning skills. 
Join us at Friends School Haverford on October 15th, 9:00 - 11:00 A.M., for our Weekend Open House. Meet the teachers, ask questions, and learn how we teach children to engage with math as confident and successful learners.