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Middle School Parent Move-Up Day

It was middle school parent move-up day on Wednesday at Friends School Haverford! Parents of Grade 4 students were invited to join grades 5/6 in humanities with Tr. Kathleen for the morning. Students discussed how racial biases have affected their lives and how these same biases affect the criminal justice in the United States. They emphasized the value of diversity and determined that they are able to make an impact in the world around them.
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Move-up Day Kindergarten, Grade 2 & Grade 4

It was move-up day for Kindergarten, Grade 2 and Grade 4 students on
Wednesday. Kindergarten and grade 1 students discussed things that are
the same and different such as comparing kindergarten to grades 1/2.
Kindergarteners and 1st-grade friends paired up with each other and
enjoyed sharing activities together on the iPad. Grade 2 enjoyed "I'm
Going to Like Me: Letting Off a Little Self Esteem," a book written by
Jamie Lee Curtis about self-esteem and loving the skin you’re in read
by Tr. Dee in the 3/4 classroom. Grade 2 joined grade 3 in science and
explored the properties of a reaction from a baking soda and vinegar
experiment. Grade 4 learned about poetry in English class and in
Humanities looked at an infographic that examined gender inequality in
film, behind the scenes and in front of the camera. Kids were sharing
examples of characters on shows they watch and thinking about how
females are portrayed. Lastly, grade 4 tried different group
activities in Science, estimating volume and weight in metrics with
their grade 5/6 classmates. It was a nice look into what they will be
learning and experiencing next year.
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Double feature movie night and pizza party

Friends cozied up on blankets in the gym for our double feature movie night and pizza party this past weekend. Some of our younger friends joined us to see Buzz and Woody in "Toy Story." Our older friends joined us for a pizza party right after the movie and then stayed to journey back to 1955 with Marty McFly in "Back to the Future." Thank you to everyone who brought non-perishable food items for the Ardmore Food Pantry #SmallActsBigImpact.
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Morning with a Friend

Members of Haverford Monthly Meeting were warmly welcomed into the classrooms for Morning with a Friend. Each shared a bit about their lives and what it means to them to be Quaker. In Heritage House, BrendaRose Simkin joined Forest’s Edge and preschool students for a singalong using a variety of musical instruments. Marge Dawson came to visit with the prekindergarten and kindergarten classes sharing her knowledge about William Penn.

At the Schoolhouse, grades 1/2 had a visit from Susan Davis who talked about her experiences in Morocco while serving in the Peace Corps. Guest Kate deRiel, who is on the Indian Committee of Quakers had a copy of William Penn’s Wampum Belt made by Native Americans that she showed to grades 3/4. Robert Urquhart shared about his experiences in high school with the American Field Service, family travel to Austria, and read a few poems that his father used to read to him as a child to grades 5/6. Carl Watson, an engineer had a discussion with grades 7/8 about the importance of keeping an open mind to all educational experiences.

There were many interesting and captivating experiences shared. The morning concluded as the community gathered to attend Meeting for Worship together.
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Talent Show

Musicians, dancers, magicians, athletes, and comedians were just some of the wonderful friends who graced our stage at the annual FSH Talent Show. The performers wowed the audience of parents and staff. Tr. Ed’s improv group ended the show with an interesting finale using basketballs as percussion instruments. Thanks to everyone who showed great courage and those that supported them.
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Peace March

Heritage House students marched for peace and friendship today in honor of Martin Luther King, Jr. They handed out peaceful sayings while marching through the schoolhouse with decorated signs. They have been learning about Martin Luther King, Jr. and the March on Washington. The March for Peace and Friendship was a wonderful way to celebrate the life and legacy of Dr. King.
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Planting amaryllis bulbs

Grades 3/4 started planting their amaryllis bulbs in pots for their entries in the upcoming Philadelphia Flower Show. They first watched a video for an introduction about planting. Guided by Tr. Dee, a seasoned flower show exhibitor, they will continue to care for the plants and soon enter them into Philadelphia Flower Show competition.
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Preschool friends story

Today, preschool friends read “The Mitten” by Jan Brett and learned about new animals, including badgers. They discovered differences between animals and humans. Animals certainly are friendly, but did you know an animal’s mouth is sometimes called a muzzle? Students also worked on their counting skills, counting the number of places to put their fingers in both a mitten and a glove!
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