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MathCounts Competitors

Four of our middle school students will be competing at the MathCounts Competition on Saturday, February 8. MathCounts is a national program that provides students in grades 6-8 the opportunity to compete in live, in-person contests against and alongside their peers. The competition builds problem-solving skills and fosters achievement through four levels of fun, in-person "bee" style contests. Our students have been working hard to improve their mathematical skills outside of class. We wish you all luck!
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Grades 3/4 Maker Space

3rd and 4th graders took their first trip to the Maker Space! In Literacy, students are studying fairytales, folktales, and tall tales. Tr. Courtney and Tr. Rae created a cross-curricular STEAM project on building a chair to support Goldilocks. Students worked collaboratively in small groups to brainstorm, plan, design, engineer, and reflect on creating Goldilocks’ chair; made of only ten pieces of paper and tape. On Friday, students will modify their original designs to improve on their first-round!
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Grades 5/6 Science

Grades 5/6 are building simples machines in science class. They could choose to make a pulley system, watermill, wind turbine, or lever out of recycled materials. They are working in groups and experimenting with different designs which they will soon present in our new maker space.
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Spanish Class

In Spanish class this month, Middle School students are learning language and culture through the song Me Voy, Me Voy by the group Vasquez Sounds. In addition to learning the lyrics, they are also learning information about the members of the group such as where they are from, what musical instruments they play, and how they are related to each other. The students are also reading the novel "Agentes Secretos" which has provided opportunities to discuss important historical events and figures from 1940s Europe while also developing their language and literacy skills.
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Peace March

Heritage House students marched for peace and friendship today in honor of Martin Luther King, Jr. They handed out peaceful sayings while marching through the Schoolhouse with handmade, decorated signs. They have been learning about Martin Luther King, Jr. and the March on Washington. The March for Peace and Friendship was a wonderful way to celebrate the life and legacy of Dr. King.
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Grades 3/4 Math Class

Grades 3/4 worked on their time tables in math today. First, they discussed different strategies to use for multiplication such as adding, skip counting, using arrays or a number line. Their focus was on three time tables. After they had all the concepts down, they worked on their own to solve several multiplication problems.
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Tr. Julie's preschool class trip to Haverford College

Tr. Julie's preschool class has been expressing an interest in trees. She read the book "The Hugging Tree" by Jill Neimark to the students. Alone on a mighty cliff by the sea, a tiny tree struggles to grow and thrive. She is nurtured by the sea, the sun and moon, and becomes home to a family of loons. But winter ice storms and bitter cold break her boughs and roots. Will she survive? The resilience of the "Hugging Tree" calls to mind the potential in all of us: to thrive, despite times of struggle and difficulty. To nurture the little spark of hope and resolve.

Afterward, the class took a trip to the climbing tree at Haverford College. Along the way to campus, students tried to see how many friends could fit on a certain tree stump. They discussed how the trees are changing in Winter and compared trees that have lost their leaves to trees that are still green. A discussion about what we would need to do to take care of the trees led to thoughtful ideas.
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Grades 5/6 English Class

Grades 5/6 have been studying about prepositions, conjunctions, articles, verbs, and idioms. They got in teams of two with a buzzer to play a fun game to identify these. They were given a two-word clue and had to figure out the idiom, identify the meaning of it, and then identify if the words in the idiom were prepositions, conjunctions, articles, or verbs. They are also studying civil rights and reading "Stella by Starlight" which is a story about a young girl living in the segregated South and where bravery battles prejudice. They each read aloud and had an intelligent discussion about events in the story and defined some words they were unfamiliar with.
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Kindergarten and Grade 1 students were invited to a STEAM event this past weekend in our new makerspace. After listening to a read-aloud of "Far Away Fox," students engaged in projects around the theme of foxes and other animals. Stations included build a habitat, make an animal mask, printmaking, geoboards, and a prey and predator camouflage demonstration. A unicorn, fox, and puppy emerged at the mask table. Students constructed habitats out of cardboard and items from nature for a small stuffed fox. Designs ranged from luxury apartments to burrow-like hide-aways. Potato stamps left a trail of animal tracks at the printmaking station. Students also made their own animal prints with foam and ink rollers. M&Ms hidden among Skittles showed how animals use camouflage to protect themselves from predators. Both students and adults enjoyed a morning of creativity in our new space.
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