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Preschool visit at Brandywine Senior Living

In celebration of Valentine’s Day, preschool took a walk to visit our grandfriends at Brandywine Senior Living. They passed out their handmade valentines to the residents which allowed them to share their holiday spirit with our neighborhood community.
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Preschool chefs

Our preschool chefs cooked up some homemade tomato sauce with Tr. Kristen. They tested their sense of smell by sniffing all of the ingredients, from basil to parsley to garlic. Students took turns using the garlic press and stirring the sauce, which they will enjoy with the pasta they made together for snack time!
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Snowy Monday

The week started out with a super snowy Monday! During morning recess, students channeled their creativity by building a very life-like snowman, complete with hair, eyes, a mouth, and arms. FSH is committed to students spending time outdoors during all seasons and in all types of weather, as learning happens not only in the classroom but during play.
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Kindergarten dioramas

Kindergarten has been learning about fictional stories and studied the book, "The Mitten" by Jan Brett. Each student chose an animal from the book to study. They did research in the library on their chosen animal. They took notes, formed them into sentences, made an illustrated book, and then created wonderful dioramas including a ceramic animal they made in art class. They invited preschool and nursery school friends over for a presentation of their fine work. Their dioramas will be on display at the Ludington Library this spring.
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Happy Chinese New Year!

Grades 1/2 welcomed the Chinese New Year with a celebration today. One of their classmates brought in food, coins, and red envelopes to share. He gave an explanation of why the Lunar New Year is important to him because of his Dad's ancestors and what different foods and traditions represent. Everyone enjoyed almond and cinnamon cookies, rice balls, tofu dumplings, clementines and figs, which all represented luck and longevity and also chocolate coins and red envelopes that represented luck.
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Nursery school baby doll and teddy bear clinic

Nursery school is learning all about grown-up people’s jobs and how
they help us as part of their community helpers unit of study. They
ran a baby doll and teddy bear clinic with the assistance of one of
our parents who is a nurse at Penn in the oncology department. She
gave all of the stuffed buddies check-ups. Our students got to
practice using a stethoscope and learned about good handwashing
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Grades 1/2 Writing Celebration

In Writing Workshop, grades 1/2 held a Writing Celebration. They read
their original stories to a captive audience of grade 3/4 friends.
Students demonstrated the use of crafting techniques and good text
structure in their latest books. They also beautifully illustrated
their stories.
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"Won't You Be My Neighbor?" Film Screening

We had a nice turnout Saturday evening for a screening of "Won't You Be My Neighbor?" the story of Fred Rogers, focusing on his radically kind ideas. While the nation changed around him, Fred Rogers stood firm in his beliefs about the importance of protecting childhood. The film paid tribute to this legacy in this highly engaging, moving documentary portrait of an essential American artist. Mr. Rogers' philosophy fits right into the teachings of Friends School Haverford.

Friends School Haverford and the Ardmore Food Pantry partnered together for this screening. We collected many food items to help benefit local families and families impacted by the government shutdown which was a wonderful way to help our neighbors.
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