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Making Homemade Applesauce

Heather Van Heusen, an FSH parent, brought in two apple presses today. Grades 1/2 and preschool classes worked together cranking, scraping, and stirring up some yummy, homemade applesauce. Pre-kindergarten will have their turn tomorrow. The applesauce will be one of the dishes at the Heritage House Thanksgiving feast next week.
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Grades 1/2 Testing Paper Airplanes

Grades 1/2 started a measurement unit in math class. The students designed, built, and tested paper airplanes. They had to think like engineers and launch their planes out on the turf field and from Nancy's house. Next, they will share the final results from the launch and hypothesize about what could account for the differences in their results.
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Trivia Night

Parents and friends came out for our first ever Trivia Night on Saturday. In the spirit of the 80s movie theme of the night, participants dressed up in their favorite 80s movie attire and decorated their tables accordingly. Teams of eight competed in 10 rounds of 10 questions on a variety of topics. Some of the movies represented were Back to the Future, Fast Times at FSH, Flashdance, ET, Star Wars, Purple Rain, and The Princess Bride. It was an exciting, challenging, and fun night of friendly competition. The grand prize of a meal cooked by Tr. Lisa and Tr. Matt went to Tr. Dee's team.
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Partners Groups and Planting

Our all school theme this year is Small Acts, Big Impact. Students worked in partner groups to plant 200 daffodil bulbs around campus. They dug holes, planted the bulbs, and then packed the dirt. Some students found worms and one student was lucky enough to find a four leaf clover! Working together today will make a big impact of color this spring.
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Ardmore Food Pantry Donations

Tr. Liza's car was packed to the gills with cans to be delivered to the Ardmore Food Pantry. Students, families, and faculty worked together to provide 16 Thanksgiving meals for 120 members of the Ardmore area community.
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All Aboard

Nursery school has several train enthusiasts in the class. They wanted to see what it is like to go to a train station, wait on the platform, and then get on board and meet a conductor. They walked over to the Haverford train station in the rain and excitedly boarded the train to head to Common Space in Ardmore to read books about trains and play with trains. Common Space shares FSH values of diversity with an open mind, kind heart, and thoughtful conversation. The rain made their adventure even better as they had to practice resiliency, grit, and determination as it was hard to be wet and not immediately arrive as you would in a car, but they did it!
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African Drumming

7th and 8th-grade students in Tr. Ed's African drumming elective class took advantage of the beautiful weather and brought their drums outside to practice.
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Pajama Day

When getting up the day after Halloween is tough, what do you do? Stay in your pajamas! All ages participated in Pajama Day today. Thank you Heritage House teachers for the great idea.
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Our Halloween parade was filled with imaginative, creative costumes. Each grade had a chance to show off their costumes starting with nursery school and continuing through 8th grade. Students paraded around waving to all those gathered. Ending in Friends School Haverford tradition, students and faculty performed a dance to the song “Thriller” led by Tr. Ed. Have a safe and happy Halloween.

After the parade, Heritage House students got to practice trick or treating at different stations. They even got to meet our fox mascot for a special treat.
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