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Preschool and "Zones of Regulation"

We love having parents come to join our classrooms to share in their field of expertise! Today, one of our preschool parents, a licensed clinical social worker, came by to add to our classroom conversation on the "Zones of Regulation." Zones language and strategies are woven into our curriculum to help children develop the ability to identify how they feel, understand how to manage their emotions, and improve their problem-solving skills.

Trivia Night

Parents, teachers, and friends came out Saturday night for our annual Trivia Night. Participants dressed in the theme of Harry Potter and decorated their tables accordingly. Teams of eight competed in eight rounds of ten questions on a variety of topics. It was an exciting, challenging, and fun night of friendly competition. The grand prize of bragging rights went to our faculty and staff.

Food Drive

Thank you to our entire community for donating food items to our food drive. Together, we provided enough food for 17 Thanksgiving meals for families in need. Grades 3/4 and preschool partners created handmade cards to place in each of the bags. Grades 3/4 packed and organized all the bags and loaded up Tr. Liza's car to deliver to the Ardmore Food Pantry today. What a wonderful community service tradition to help our neighbors in need.

Grades 3/4 Literacy Unit

Grades 3/4 has been doing a genre study of fiction, nonfiction, mystery, horror, realistic fiction, and international arts in their literacy unit. They have read samples from those genres and are now practicing writing in the genre of their choice. Introducing different styles and practicing them regularly makes for good reading and writing skills.

Important Admission Dates and Events

Register to attend our STEAM Event for current kindergarten and first-grade students. | Application deadlines for February decisions are fast approaching. | Visit our Admissions page for more details.

World Kindness Day

We encourage and practice kindness every day at Friends School Haverford. Today on #WorldKindnessDay we remember Mr. Rogers and the lessons of kindness he taught by sporting our favorite cardigan as we continue to spread kindness.

Kindergarten Exploring Measurements

Kindergarten has started to explore measurement! They discussed what measurement means and how we use measurement in everyday life. Students worked in small groups to measure the length of objects around their classroom using nonstandard units of measurement such as paperclips, unifix cubes, and counting links. They even got to measure each other!

Grade 7/8 Constitution Center Trip

7th and 8th graders toured the Constitution Center to support their study of the Bill of Rights. The interactive exhibits include ruling on Supreme Court cases, voting, and taking the Presidential Oath of Office. The highlight of the trip was seeing Freedom Rising, a multimedia theatrical production that traces the American quest for freedom.

Grade 1/2 Literacy Workshop

Today Grade 1/2 students rotated through different literacy stations to practice long and short vowel sounds, independent reading, peer reading, and writing. Reinforcing these skills each day helps build independence, stamina, and confidence.

Preschool Diwali Celebration

The parents of one of our preschool students joined Tr. Kristin's class for a Diwali celebration. Diwali is India's most important holiday of the year. The parents brought in books to read to the class, Diyas (ceremonial lamps) to decorate, and traditional clothing to share as a way to teach about the Hindu festival of lights.
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