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Grade 5/6 English Class

In celebration of National Poetry Month, students in grades 5/6 are savoring the pages of "Brown Girl Dreaming," Jacqueline Woodson's memoir in verse. Our fifth and sixth graders studied lineation with Teacher Rob this morning by rearranging Woodson's poetic lines to create new sounds, patterns, and meanings. In the coming days, they'll develop their poetry prowess by developing original verses inspired by Woodson's themes of family, identity, and belonging.
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Pajama Tuesday

We hope everyone stayed in their slippers and wrapped in their robes on Pajama Tuesday! Tomorrow, April 15, we officially celebrate our 135th anniversary. Let's keep celebrating our school spirit! Remember to send pictures for your chance to win a stuffed animal of our mascot, the fox, or a Children's Book World gift card. Let's go FSH!
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Tr. Kristin's preschool classroom

We've seen pictures of at-home-schoolwork-stations for students, but have you wondered what teachers have done to adjust to distance learning? "Here is my preschool classroom at home," shares Tr. Kristin. "I bought a ring light because the lighting is so low in my apartment. And I put the dining table away for now." Thank you, Tr. Kristin, for all you are doing for our preschool students!
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Admission Virtual Open House - Wednesday, April 8, 2020, 10:00 am

VIRTUAL OPEN HOUSE - Wednesday, April 8, 2020 from 10 a.m. Join us and learn about our nursery school through 8th-grade program rooted in academic challenge, intellectual vigor, artistic expression, service, and kindness. We encourage children’s curiosity, creativity, and joy of discovery as they grow intellectually, spiritually, physically, and emotionally. Register to attend at
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Tr. Julie's Preschool Class

Tr. Julie's preschool class started a unit on birds. They are reading lots of books and can now identify at least 10 different birds and the parts of a bird. For their fine motor activity, they tried to pick up food like a bird using its beak. They found things in their home that looked like worms, bugs, and seeds and used clothespins, small food clips, tongs and chopsticks for beaks. Tr. Julie introduced tally marks in a Zoom lesson and students later found things in their house that begin with the letter B and wrote a tally mark to represent each thing they found. They sent a video to Tr. Julie via Seesaw of themselves using the tally marks to count by 5s. Finally, they made their own bird creations out of paper bags, paint, and cut-out shapes. Some friends even named their birds Crystal Clear, Emme, Christmas Bird, and Dewey the Owl. "It's been a good experience for students to interact with each other during our Zoom meetings," says Tr. Julie. "It gives them a feeling of connection. They see the activities on Seesaw as a fun way to experience learning."
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Tr. Liza to the rescue

When students need a recorder in order to complete their music lessons - Tr. Liza to the rescue. As campus was closing, Tr. Liza grabbed books, instruments and other materials students may need for distance learning. Yesterday, she drove to students' homes and left the instruments on their doorsteps. Thank you, Tr. Liza!
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Bagged Lunches

In February, grade 3/4 learned about human basic needs in health class - shelter, food, water, and oxygen. In conversation, they shared that they didn't like that homeless people didn't have access to two human basic needs - shelter and food. They organized a school-wide food drive to collect items to make bagged lunches. In early March, grades 3/4 made 100 bagged lunches consisting of a peanut butter and jelly sandwich, fruit, granola bar or chips, dessert, drink, toothbrush, and socks for the homeless population in Philadelphia. They loaded up Tr. Rae's car and she delivered the lunches to a women's shelter, a men's shelter, and a family shelter. Thank you to grade 3/4, Tr. Rae, and everyone who contributed!
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Welcome Back!

Welcome back from spring break! Distance learning is up and running. Teachers and students were happy to see each other again online. Students are busy with projects and assignments and are adjusting to seeing each other on Zoom. Stay connected to our community and share your photos of learning and discovery.
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Important Information!

In light of the potential community spread of COVID-19, Friends School Haverford campus is closed, but we are open online providing digital lessons to our students. 

This is a difficult time for people around the globe. As a Quaker school, we are always called to take action on behalf of our human family, particularly those who are vulnerable. While closing school presents all of us with unforeseen challenges, it is the most critical step we can take on behalf of the health and well-being of others.

If you are a prospective family and would like information about our school, please email Lisa Buscaglia at
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Happy Kindness Monday

ere are some feel-good stories to share on Kindness Monday. Maybe it will give some inspiration to do something kind for others in your community. Happy Kindness Monday!
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