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Bollywood Dance

Bollywood came to FSH last week. One of our preschool students and her sister performed a few Bollywood dances for their classmates. The girls are taking dance classes and wanted to treat their preschool class to a performance for show and share. They were dressed in beautiful, bright costumes and danced to two songs.
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STEAM Event for Kindergarten and First Grade Students

Saturday, April 4, 2020
9:30 – 11:00 a.m.

Parents, learn about the benefits of a Friends School Haverford education for your child while your kindergarten or first grade student engages in STEAM activities in our new Maker Space. Kids will build a fox habitat, make animal track prints, design an animal mask, and learn how animals use camouflage for protection. A snack will be provided. Reservations required. Space is limited to 15 students. Students must be accompanied by a parent or guardian.
Questions? Contact Lisa Buscaglia, Director of Admissions, 610.642.2334. Copy and paste the following URL
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Grades 5/6 Math

Grades 5/6 just completed a chapter on adding and subtracting fractions in math class. They completed a project using fractions to determine missing information in a recipe. Students took their recipes to the kitchen to create "sprinkle chow." The sprinkle chow was made of Chex Mix, sprinkles, white chocolate, and cake mix. They had to measure all the ingredients to finish the recipe. This was a fun, real-life, hands-on activity with a delicious treat in the end!
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Kwaya Marimba Concert

Kwaya Marimba gave a wonderful performance for the entire school yesterday morning. Their music, based on the Shona music of Zimbabwe, features polyphonic playing (several parts being played at once) and requires teamwork and precise timekeeping. One song featured improvisational playing by several students. "Playing live in front of an audience gives students a chance to be in the moment on stage, adjust to things as they happen, and fix things on the spot," says Tr. Ed. One parent commented, "You don't see music programs like this at other schools." We are proud of our students and grateful to Tr. Ed for nurturing their talent, and igniting a passion for music and marimba in all of us.
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Preschool and prekindergarten planting

Heritage House students discovered a groundhog living on campus under the ramps in the bioswale. They are learning about habitats and how animals need food, water, shelter, and space. Preschool and pre-k students planted some indigenous plants in the garden behind Heritage House. They helped dig holes, plant, pack the dirt, and water. These plants will renew the wildlife habitat and provide food and shelter for the groundhog and other native species. Look for blooms of serviceberry, blueberry, coneflower, and cardinal flower soon.
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Library Box

Nursery school students discovered a little free library box along the path to Haverford College. These libraries are meant to inspire a love of reading and to build community. The class decided they wanted to make a donation to the box. They gathered some books, walked back to the little library, and read a story from the box. Then, they each placed a book in the box for someone else to enjoy. Tr. Meredith reads many books to the class outside every day so this was an amazing discovery. She says that being outside and sitting on the ground helps children to focus. With the weather like today, it's the perfect time to grab and book and head outside with your kids!
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Feeling the Love!!!

It's only fitting to share we heard on Valentine's Day that Friends School Haverford received the Most Loved K-8 Private School Award from Hulafrog! Thanks to all who voted.
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Change Maker Presentations

Students in grades 3/4 gave their Change Maker presentations to parents and students in kindergarten-grade 8. They read multiple biographies on their chosen change-maker and took notes. They then created a presentation using poster board, Prezi, Google slides, timelines, or Kahoot. One student even made his own graphic novel! Some of the subjects represented were Helen Keller, Barak Obama, Mae Jemison, Bill Gates, Malala, and Elizabeth Blackwell.
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