Summer Camp Weekly Themes

Week 1:  Design 

Week 2:  Cooking

Week 3:  Cooking

Week 4:  Science

Week 5:  Science 

Week 6:  Design

Week 7:  Drama 

Week 8:  Drama

Week 9:  Design

kids baking


Design and Fabrication

We all know kids can make treasures out of found materials, whether it's with the weekly recycling or yard debris. Just wait until you see what they come up with in one-hour design blocks in our school's very own maker space. Not only will they make cool things but when our campers are looking for things to do at home, you'll be able to say, "How about some design and fabrication time?"



Wouldn't you love to have your children help to answer the age-old question, "What is there to eat?" In our one-hour cooking sessions campers will create kid friendly food in our very own commercial kitchen. Campers will come home with recipes they will be eager to recreate, and you'll enjoy eating.!



Have you ever noticed how often your kids ask you “Why?”  Then just when you think you've explained an idea you hear, "But why?"  Well leave that to us!  During our one-hour science sessions, in our very own science lab, campers will discover the answers to many of the age-old questions of childhood, such as, "Do I really need to brush my teeth?” and classics like "Why does my backpack smell like that?”  And even more important, “How can I get rid of the smell?”



Children live in a magical world somewhere between make believe and what is real. In our one-hour drama sessions whether on our outdoor stage or indoor space, campers will explore this realm.  You never know—they may still be “in character” when they hop in the car at day's end.