Traffic Circle Safety Guidelines

The speed limit for our lot is 5 miles per hour.

If you’re running late, we promise that your child will be quickly caught up on the few minutes missed!
Please adhere to the speed limit for everyone’s safety.

Please do not attempt a drive-by meeting.

If you need to talk to a teacher, please schedule a meeting.
Or, if you need only to share a message, please park in the shed area and come in.

Please pull your car up as far as possible for each building.

We’ll soon have signage to demarcate the area, but until then, we’ll wave you forward.

If you arrive before 8 a.m., please remain in your car.  We’ll be there to help your child out
by 8 a.m.

If you’re early and you would like to walk your child to his or her classroom, please park in the shed area.
Please do not leave your car parked in the drop-off area and walk your child in.

Please be careful to use your side – and rear – mirrors before you pull away from the curb.

Other cars may be trying to pass on the left. Also be mindful of the curve in front of the School House.

Please have your Friends School Haverford child seated in the back seat on the passenger side.

Exiting a car on the driver’s side puts the student and the helper at risk.

Please do not get out of your car at drop-off.

We’ll help your child and their school bag out of the car.  Please be sure to get that extra goodbye hug at home.

If your child is resisting, please pull your car around to the shed to park.

You can then help your child over to the building door.

Please use the sidewalks at all times.

Instead of walking your child across the traffic circle, we prefer that you use the sidewalks. It may take an extra minute, but it is a much safer option.

Thank you for helping to keep the morning transition running safely and smoothly!