School Closing Information

A school alert telephone and text system will be used to notify parents, faculty, and staff about delayed openings or school closures. Calls are placed automatically and simultaneously to home and cell phone numbers. Calls will not be made after 9:00 PM or before 6:00 AM.  We are glad to have this efficient and effective way to communicate with our community.

As another source of information, you may watch WPVI-TV6 ABC and WCAU-TV 10 NBC who will display our school name on-air.

In the event of a delayed School opening, Early Birds will also be delayed for the corresponding number of hours:

1-hour delay: Early Birds begins at 8:15 a.m.
2-hour delay: Early Birds begins at 9:15 a.m.
Emergency closing information will be available as follows:

School is closed when we feel the snow creates extremely hazardous transportation conditions, or if most of the townships’ buses will not be operating. If you feel that transporting your children will be unsafe, even if we do not close school, please feel free to keep your children at home.

If a major snowfall occurs while school is in session, Friends School Haverford does not close. However, in a snow emergency, township buses may arrive early, and on short notice, to pick up children. If a township bus does arrive early, the School office must first obtain a parent’s permission for their child to take that bus. Since this is often done on short notice, please be sure to notify the office of your snow emergency contingency plan as soon as possible. Please be aware of snow or storm conditions, the likelihood of your child’s early arrival at home, or the necessity of coming to School early to avoid hazardous driving conditions.

It is important to develop a contingency plan with a neighbor who is willing to supervise your children in the event of early transportation home during inclement weather. Please inform your children of this plan.

In the event of a serious snowfall, we encourage you to pick up your child as early as possible so faculty can get home safely too. Please call the School to let us know when you expect to arrive.